Future diary Episode 23

End of the world Sex

I will keep this short seeing how i have thing to do.

1. Its only Yuki and Yuno left in the whole world so they cohabitate in Yuno house

2. Yuki is again conflicted about his feeling for Yuno

3. Realizing he once again “Loves”  Yuno  and it’s getting closer to the end of the world date He decides to haves sex with Yuno a day earlier (July 26 instead of the 27)

4. Tells Yuno what Akise wrote to him before he died, Yuno then goes bitch mode and tries to kill Yuki for real  Mumur appears and shove Yuki down the Hole in Yuno Back yard.

5. Mumur shows Yuki that the Yuno he just got finished fucking is actually God of the first world who went back in time and killed the Yuno of that world.

6. Yuki apperes (pissed off ) with Mumur and Yuno is there waiting and episoded end.



The whole beginning of the episode shouldn’t have happen. I mean yeah it just them now but for them to throw in a 10 min filler of Yuki being conflected of his feeling at this point in time who is he going to fuck now?!  Everyone on the planet is gone. Also I wouldn’t be mad now he got to do a  god so  there is no reason to be mad.


Teen sex at its finest.







I still perfer the manga verson of this episode.





Black Rock shooter TV

I would suggest you watch the 50 Min OVA than waste your time with this.

I really had high expectation for this show. I really did. i read the reviews and most people would perefer the ova over the show but im sad to say i have to agree.

The OVA being so short it was very enjoyable BSR TV is a 30min show that have girls who really are added just to be added when all you need is Yomi and mato a plot that pisses you off just for “Character development” and epic battle scene to make up for this mess.


Characters-3 (Like i said it should have only revolved around yomi and mato or at least yomi mato and yuu)

Art-7 (The Battle seances  are good, and i like how they didn’t alter Yomi, and Mato)


If you watch the OVA like i did and then watch the show you would see the diffrence. Granted it does has it good moments but overall this was like a let down. The only good thing about it was the fight seance  which had very good graphics.

R.I.P EDD 1988-2012

EDD GOULD Creator of EDD World passed away Sunday due to his long battle with his cancer. Everyone on the internet world is extremely depress and upset. We lost a great one so young.

I know i am.
Please offer TOM, BING, MATT And EDD Family your Condones

* I won’t be doing the review of BRS or future diary 23 till either tommorow of late thusday


“Who is the dead one”

This was one hell of a anime. when i first start watching this anime it was so confusing. It all revolves around Class 3  9th grade class who is trying to figure out who is the dead one.

In the beginning Sakikabara(Main character and transfer student) meets Misaki Mei a girl with a eye patch on her left eye and the class appointed “DEAD ONE”  Misaki warns Sakikibara not to talk to her for “It may have already begun”. Soon people are dying left and right and people are wondering if its because of this suppose “Calamity” surrounding Class 3.

Soon after one more person dies the class decides to make Sakikabara a “DEAD ONE”. So he begins to spend more time with mei and ask her question about her life and about this Calamity surrounding the class and finds out that whenever there is a unbalance of student in that class room then there is a actual dead person. So far the only way to stop it is to appoint some one as the dead one until the figure out who the real one is This all started 26 years ago after the death of a guy with the name miskai appeared in a photo after his death. After there homeroom teacher kills himself in front of the class, realizing that appointing two dead people isn’t protecting the class as they thought the class decides to talk to Misaki and sakibara again.

Everyone looks for clues on how to stop the calamity eventual Mei, Saki, Teshigawa, and Mochizuki all find a tape left behind by a past student on how he stop the calamity but the tape pop and mochizuki had to fix it and they all decided to listen to it on the class trip.

During the class trip they listen to the rest and in order to stop the calamity they have to send the “Real dead person back to the dead”  meaning kill the zombie bastard that snuck into the class. Soon another class mate get a hold of the tape and playes it for everyone on the trip to hears and everyone looses their minds and beings to go on a killing spree not to mention their is a fire in the dinning hall. In the end they find out who the real dead one is and it was Sakibara who ended up sending her back to the dead. Spoiler allert: It was his aunt.


ANOTHEr  is full of things that i like , Blood,Horror, and a great plot. The beginning is very confusing You will be thinking is Mei really dead? is she a ghost? What the fuck is going on? why are people dying when they say her name? The show is based of the Japanese Novel by the same name.   I haven’t seen a Great anime like this Since I watch Shinki back in 2010

Story 10

Art 10

Plot 10

Sound 10

Overall 10

Lots of blood and even though they blur out the graphic scene there is still alot of blood and the plot is amazing.  Watch if you are into  Psychological/Horror anime

Niesemonogatari Review





Nisemonogatari is the second season to Bakemonogatari.

(If you haven’t watch Bakemonogatari then you might want to check it out before reading this review)

Our favorite characters return Araragi, Senjouhara, Kanbaru, along with some new characters, Kaiki Deishu, Yotsugi Ononoki  and Yozuru Kagenui

The whole season Mosley revolves around Araragi sisters Karen and Tsukihi aka “The Fire Sister” . The first half revloves around the eldest of the sister Karen  and her involvement with Kaiki. In “Karen Bee” Karen try to stop the swindler Kaiki from swindling kids at her school out of her money but when he refuse she resort to violence. He implants a fire bee spirt inside of her causing her to have a high fever and having Araragi to use his abilities to take on some of the effect to save his sister from death. In Tsukihi Phoenix we are introduce to Yotsugi and Yuzuru who are apprently looking for Oshino old abandon place he used as a supernatural agency in Bakemonogartari(He is not in Nisemonogatari) Araragi find out from Kaiki that they are actually looking for a supernatural being in the area, thinking that its might be him and shinobu(the vampire who actually lives in his shadow) he returns home only to find them there Yotsugi ringing the doorbell and  Yozuru standing on the gate.  As Yozuru was thanking Araragi for the correct direction givien to the location she was looking for Tsuhiki came out annoyed because Youtsugi rang the door bell too much and just then Yotsugi used her “UNLIMITED RULEBOOK”  to blast Tsukihi. Thinking his younger sister is dead, Araragi flys in to a fit of rage but the Yozuru subdues him and show him his sister who is now topless and unconsciousness  is ok and tell him that his sister is a fake and that she is actually the being that they are looking for, for that she is a immortal phoenix.


Art 10

I love SHAFT artwork. The grapic in shaft were amazing as usual

Characters 8

We got to know more about Agaragi sister and learn more about Senjohara past. In Karen Bee she said that the man who swindled her family was Kaiki. Shinobu Speaking was even a added bonus but  i felt like more charcters could have used more screen time.

Story-8 1/2

Karen bee was more  well told while i felt that Tsukihi Phoneix was kinda rushed


I love SHAFT but i felt like this series was really rushed. Tsukihi Phoenix story arc wasn’t well explain as  Karen bee and there were two charecters who were added last minuted. I lot of characters need more screen time and alot needed to be explain. Although this was a good series It wasn’t as good as bakemonogatari.

Do’s and Don’ts- Goth Edition

It’s the firsts day of spring! and with the warming of the weather the flowers blooming the sun being out,  there are thing Goths should do and don’t do.


DO wear  lighter clothing.

I’m not talking about dressing like a stripper.I’m saying dressing in material that is light weight










Stuff like Lace, cotton and other light weight material should help you survive the spring/summer months

but DON”T feel obligated to pile them all on at once! if you do that you might as well leave out your winter clothing because you are going to get hot.


DO try to wear more jeans.

Now i know i will have alot of goth and non goths alike saying “but goths don’t wear jeans.” Think about it like this, during these spring/summer months we will be getting alot of rain and for those goth who dress up daily or even those goths who have their lazy days a pair a jeans would be perfect and you can look at it as a DIY project because if its to plain for you, you can edit it to your liking. Key word is “try”  dresses and skirt are still acceptable for spring/summer but if you don’t want to ruin your favorite dress,skirt or even elaborate pants then jeans are the way to go.

DON”T try to wear fishnet

If you tan easily I would advise you not to wear fishnet in this kind of weather


DO carry a umbrella

Its spring after all and spring does bring rain

*if you aren’t the umbrella type invest in a raincoat

DON”T try to wear a spike collar this time of season. As tempting as it may be i would advise against it because of the simple fact that the sun is beaming and the sweat will be dripping and then there will be a mark around  your neck and for those that tan easily a ugly neck tan line. Remember those spike collars are made out of leather and leather isn’t very durable for spring/summer months try a regular cool necklace or a lace collar.


DO Go for a soft goth look

Soft Goth

and Do try to wear only eyeliner if you don’t already do.

DON’T try to wear any dark makeup or heavy foundation.

a few more tips

*Try to transition white into your wardrobe if you haven’t already. White doesn’t attract heat as much as black does and it also complement black so its a win win.

*Hoodies and Cardigans are perfect for when you are out and you get  a bit cold  or when it a bit colder than expected.

* Make sure if you are going to wear make-up that its water proof so that if you are out all day you won’t sweat it off.

* If you are going to wear a skirt/dress  make sure its the right length and isn’t showing of your bits.  You might want to wear leggings under if you are still unsure but make sure that they are lightweight and breathable

*for those that tan easily sunscreen is your best friend but if you don’t like to smother all that all over your body carry a parasol or wear a sun hat.


Hopefully you will follow these tip and you will be able to survive the spring/summer months without a problem 🙂