This Spring Anime Season.

Hits and misses. Mostly Misses. I don’t know why i had high hopes for this season anime maybe because last season spring anime was a bust too but can someone tell me why every spring anime seem to suck!! I mean there are a few good anime that come out in the spring that but the majority of the anime that gets put out are overhyped and the plot is redunant and the only thing that saves it is either the graphics or the voice actors in the anime. Then you get all these young head talking about this anime and how good it is when they haven’t even’t seen a good anime or know what a good anime looks like. I don’t mean to sound like a cynical hipster here but this trend of putting out anime with redunant plot development has to stop. I had to drop two anime because they were soo simple that i could predict what would happen next. I understand that the anime market isn’t that great (hell 12 to 22 episode is the new 26 to 54 its rare we get animes that run to 26 these days) and i understand that it hard to make a good anime that everyone would enjoy but all im asking is for next spring let there be a whole season where i see a bunch of good animes that aren’t all shitty and i don’t have to search for 2-3 good ones out of the pill of shit anime that you put out there.

Extra news

Toonami comes on saturday and i will be watching Two new shows (if you haven’t seen) Deadman wonderland Dub and casherre Dub

so glad its back not happy about the Dub verson of Deadman wonderland though

Will be slow with updates getting ready for a con were i am sure to see bleachtard narutard and onepiece tard


Up to date

Animes i am Currently watching

Fate/zero 2nd season

Eureka seven AO


Animes  im on the fence about still watching

Polar bear cafe

Mysterious girlfriend x


Anime I drop



It really only a few good animes this spring season. I hope summer is a better anime season last year we got stein:gate out of it so im looing forward to it