Hyouka episode 1-6

What happen when you mix death note(with out the death element part of it) and Haruhi you get the Hyouka that what.

The story start with Houtarou Oreki and his friend Satoshi Fukube in class. Oreki revies a letter from his sister about joining the classic club and keeping it alive and that it would be in his best interest seeing how “he has nothing better to do”. Oreki however isn’t very active compared to his friend satoshi Oreki motto is ” if i don’t have to do it i won’t and if i do, I’ll do it quickly” he is such a slacker that his friend convinces him to at least check out the club. After school when he went to the club room there was a girl who was apparently locked in but was to busy staring out the widow to notice this girl is Chitanda Eru

Though out the series we see Oreki even though he is lazy solve the mysterys the first episode he solved the mystery of how chtanda gotten locked in the club house and the mystery of the haunted music room. In episode two the meet the fouth main character Mayaka Ibara while trying to solve another mystery. Episode 3-6 was the group trying to solve the mystery of what happen to chitan uncle and what happen to the first anthology of hyouka and we found what that meant (hyouka mean Ice cream).

The storyline is a bit of slice of life mixed with mystery drama. The characters are drawen like charters from k-on epically the girls but the graphic is very good.

so far this series get a 9