Fate/Zero 2nd Season review

This whole show has been one big old rolocoaster ride of what the fucks and oh my gods. This takes places after the first season and it kills off caster and lancer in the first half of the serices  During the middle like around episode 6-7 we get a bit of background about Emiya and see how and why he become/became  the cold blooded killer he is now.  

Kirei with the help of archer(Gilgamesh) turns evil and start to kill off people starting with his dad and then touhsaka  and then having people killing people.

Near the end of the series like episodes 10-12

-Rider is killed by archer in battle
.-we finally found out the identity behind berserker SPOILER : its sir Lancerlot
– the maggot that was in Kariya finally killed him.
Iirisviel turn in to the Holy grail but when emiya is shown the grail true intention(which is to either kill a hell of alot of people in order to save the ones he love  or kill the one he love to save everyone ) he orders Saber to destroy it but the cup overflows destroying the city anyway and killing most of the people in the city 


at the end it showed emiya saving a young shirou who was the only surivor (besidees Archer and kirei) from the cups rath.Kirei apperers at Rin father funeral  and give Rin the weapon he used to stab her father to death because that was the last thing he gave him as a congraulatory thing.

Saber is  back where she was before she was summon by emiya. Still regretting the battle she had with Berserker but then we see a light shine on her as the new era(fate stay night) is about to start and she is about to be summon by shirou emiya


This was the best anime of the spring season so far. 12 episode weren’t enough.

Graphic 10

The battles between the characters were amazing and im not just exaggerating.   Ufotable  know what they are doing.

Story 10

Great story this season.  just when you think you understood something there is something else that is added and then you are like OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPEN also when it came to Emiya story i finally felt some sympathy for him i mean he had to do what he had to.

overall 10.

This should be a series that should be checked out. Again watch the first part in order to understand what is going on  in this half.