Eureak Seven AO 1-16

Been putting this one on the back burner for a while.


After waiting five year we are blessed with AO. AO Tell the story of a boy who name is Ao and who lives on okinawa island with his gramps and his childhood friend Naru who is physially weak due to the scub coral.
Secrets are polygon looking monsters who attack any place without warning all trying to get the scub coral.

There are diffrent fraction who stop the secrets from attacking  and protect the scub coral one of them is Generation Bleu.


Long story short His hair turn blue like Eureka while he was trying to defend his town,  he is banished, he joins.Generation bleu and help them fight Secrets.


If you start watching and think that this is the second part of the original Eureka Seven then you are wrong and might want to check out that shitty movie for that(Good night sleep tight young lovers was a shitty movie)  This is a totaly different story line but it does relate to the first season a little bit.

-We find out about his mom

-His mom time leaps during a secret attack

–a apperation of his mom tell him about the secrets


as each episode progress it get more interesting  just before they decided to go on a fucking two week break we learn that Ao had a older sister and now Naru the girl he swore to protect has now decide to choose a darker path and go with Truth(the bad guy of the series)  and after the the two week break now Ao has done a time leap of his own.



the first few episode are very slow and some are mundane but are good non the less


it would have been a 9 but i felt that there were some sceans that weren’t up to par like this


overall -9

It getting really good during these couple episode espically now that Ao time leap



Hello I know i haven’t been as active as i should and seen how its summer i should be more active but here is the run down on what happen

my computer decided it wanted to be a bitch and crashed so i had to erase everything and restart it good thing is i finally got around to installing windows 7 on it. Bad thing is that i lost everything i had prior to it.

Im so behind on the summer season mainly due to me trying to catch up with hyouka and Eureaka seven AO which i will be reviewing shortly. I only got around to watching 3 anime of the new summer season. Updates will be made slowly as i am trying to put back all my data on this computer and trying to catch up with my anime.

Thank you all so much for your patient and feel free to read past reviews.