Hyouka Anime review

Its been a while and summer has been so unkind to me T_T. Seeing how today it is the first day of Fall/Autumn whatever you want to call it i pray for a good fall.


Anyway  with that being said i just got finished watching Hyouka.

i did a mini review back in June about the first 6 episode and laid  out the basis of how the set up the episode are to be played out, the members of the classic club(chitanda, satoshi, Oreki and ibara  when face with a dilemma due to chitanda’s curiosity  are prone to solving the mystery behind it.  In this anime we really meet a small cast of characters (mainly because it only focuses on those four) from the cold Irisu to oreki sister (who face wasn’t even shown all the whole anime!!!)  The mysteries get more and more complex after episode 8  and just when you think that were going to lay off during the end we get one last mystery before the anime ends.



From the very first episode it has you on thinking, who? what? when? where? why? and how? was it done. 


I love each of the characters in their own special way with Oreki being my favorite. Before and during the Jumonji arc Satoshi didn’t want to be “second best” to Oreki  he wanted to be useful too  thus causing him to want to beat Oreki in solving the mystery behind jumonji. 


I love the eyes on Chitanda when ever she says “im curious” even though this does look a bit K-on-ish  with the whole school moe look. I love the background scenery 


Why ten? well there is a interesting plot there is character development and near then end like last two episode there is romance between the four characters. 

some hyouka gif