Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun review

What happens when you take a Ice cold robotic-like emotionless bitch and a quick angerd Ninja like reflexes  hyperactive child mindset guy you get this shit of a anime. Tonari no Kaibusu-Kun( The Monster seated Next to me)  Follow the Lives of Shizuku Mizutani (Mitty) and Haru Yoshida (Haru) and their Cluster fuck of a romantic relationship. This anime is based of the Shoujo manga of the same name.  I usally don’t Like shoujo Anime or manga unless it is good, has interesting plot, or is a Yuri other than that i really don’t bother with the typical high-school drama bullshit slice of life cluster fuck they try to pass off as a shoujo anime/manga nowadays but, I tried to give some a chance like i did this one. now their are a few funny moments  and it is a good show if you are into shoujo anime my only and huge problem with this anime is the relationship with Haru and Mizutani!! First she doesn’t like him but he love her in a “sexual way”,then she like him but he doesn’t because he is scared of loosing her, then she hates him because her grades are suffering and decide he is becoming a “distraction” from her studies, then fuck haru decided that he fucking love her again and tries to convice her to love him.  Their relationship is fucking overly complicated when it need not be. then you get the people  who are thrown in there to  add drama (I.E mysterious bro Yuuzan, Probably glasses stealing boyfriend Ooshima, and Probably blond hair no sense of direction stealing girlfriend Kenji) The rest of the characters are Blah and bland and are there to add comic relief.



In all honesty the story.. there is no real story. It just about those two and the cluster fuck of  their relationship 


There is little to no character development even with the indivual side character no growth.


The art in the anime is good No doubt. Haru, Mizutani, and the other were drawn very well but  it mean nothing when the story is lacking



It not bad but it not good it has it flaws. The dialog is just as normal as your typical high school romance anime can get. The back and forth indecisiveness   on both their part  makes me not like it fully but if you like people like that then this is your anime.

*but like all good thing that come from book the manga is better


Euraka seven AO 17-24(end)

Sorry if i have been neglecting this blog  and haven’t been reviewing any new fall anime but i really have been waiting for the last two episodes of this series to come out.

anyway  I will just make 17-22 in  points(main points) and talk about the last fucking two episodes in detail

-Elena (pink hair chick) goes bat shit crasy

-we finds out Elena( pink hair chick) kill singer from very first episode

-we also find she is not from that time period she was brough there when Eureka time leaped Spoiler:she is from 1985

-she quits generation blue

– she joins allied forces

– she fights generation blue

– she fight ao and try to get him to use the quatz gun to get him to send her back to her time but he end up convincing her to come back to gen blu

-Fleur (blond hair chick) father kills himself by trying to kill Truth and protecting the quarts  but-

– Truth ended up fuzing with it becoming some weird demon looking monster

-at the end of 22 we see future renton and he has grey hair

Now to 23 and 24

i have huge issue with the last two episode that i waited months for

First episode 23

Let start out with what happend in the episoded

-They fight truth

-Naru tries to help truth but end up making him stronger and ends up getting hurt by Truth

-Ao uses the quartz gun and time leaps to a time  where  there is no Truth as the enemy and Naru is the enemy

-Ao takes down Naru in one shot

-Ao see something coming from a beam of light and goes to investigate it.

-Ao Finally meets His father.

Now Episode 24

-Renton Explain Eurka state and Ao explain the status of the quartz gun

-Renton and Ao travels to Okinnawa where Ao lived and have a Father +Son chat before he litteraly kick his son in the face with a ball (soccer ball) and just flies away on his board back to his nirvash trying to steal the gun

-Chases after dad in his nirvash and hears Truth voice inside of it, Now in that world Truth is a LFO or  like a how George was a program to help the flyers of the nirvash during battle.

-Renton drops the quartz gun and Ao mangages to get it back but flies twards another pillar of light sending him back to the past where eureka is.

-Ao and Eureak talk and soon renton comes through the pillar of light  and he uses the quarz gun to send them back to the past/future(i really don’t know)

-Ao wanders around space till the year 2027 then we see a long hair Ao leaving a recked Nirash and headed for Earth.


My problem. My problem lies solely with the last episode

Why the fuck! rather, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to make ao dissaper then reappear like that. Not to mention have Truth who had boss potential  who made a great villian downgraded into a fucking LFO! Why did you have Ao go through all that trouble only to send his parent back why not have him find a way to help him mom get back with out him going back in time going through all this shit only to have him disappere at the fucking end!!


I would have gave it a 10 but near the last 3 episode the art started to get a bit wonky espically when i came to the eyes

Story 6.5

It had potential up until the last two episode then.. i really don’t what the fuck happen

Characters 8

The characters could have been explain better but they are very good.

Overall 7.5

If you are a fan of the Eureka Seven series and want to check it out you can. it not that bad it just that the last two episode would leave you disappointed

Imageoh truth you  had so much potential.

Image A father and son moment