See the #fireworks I created by blogging on #WordPressDotCom. My 2012 annual report.

See the #fireworks I created by blogging on #WordPressDotCom. My 2012 annual report..

again thank you all who take the time out to read my blog. Happy 2013 and lets hope it is a good one!


Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! review

Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai! or regardless of my delusion or graver i want a date or Mutta fucking weaboo syndrome is a anime centered around Mainly Rikka (the school girl who wears the eye patch regardless she can see with BOTH FUCKING EYES)  and Yuuta a recovering Weaboo who wants to rebuild his image while he is in high-school and rather bury his past as the “Dark-Flame Master”.  Along the Way we meet a Narcoleptic( Kumin) another recovering weaboo who is also two faced bitch(Nibutani Aka “Mori Summer”)  The fucking horny friend looking to get boned (Isshiki) another fucking weeb who is a borderline yuri when it comes to Rikka but who actually has fucking brains (Dekemori) and a fucking Chef ninja (Rikka sister Touka). The story either has two main location the school or the apartment building Rikka and Yuuta lives in. Now i’ve would have been happy had it ended with before the last two episode having it be a great comedy of  the fall season but nope.  The last two episode was made to fuck with not only me but the whole fucking story in general after all this time  i get adapted to the flow of the fucked up situation that they get in they want to fuck me up and not only change rikka but dekomori too (even though dekomori was a bit of annoying bitch). if anything they needed to change Kimin and the Fucking bitch!

Plot- It has it’s moments. Most of its good moments are in the beginning of the anime. In the middle you get a scene of how the producers start to fuck with you (i think it was episode 7) with it’s slap bitch fest between Rikka and Chef ninja sister Touka.


Grapics-The Fight sceans that happens between rikka in her imaginary world (whenever she take off her eyepatch) are fucking pretty well executed.


Characters-I would say that up untill the end most of the characters are pretty one dimential standard anime characters.


Overall 8.0

This anime would have gotten a higher score had it ended earler and with a less bittersweet ending. Not to mention this also came off as a weird harlem anime. One guy surrounded by weird girls. Despite the awesome battle grapics i really did high hopes for this anime and the characters were likeable at times but  the ending really blew it  for me. It still a good anime.

Sub Vs Dub

Happy holidays, Merry fucking x-mas whatever. How your hoildays treating you so far because mines is so shitty. Anyway let get this comparison started.

Within the whole anime community there is the huge debate, the eternal debate for as long as you watch any anime “which is better Sub or Dub? “.

Me personally i love a good old fashion sub anime now.  I use to be a dub anime type of gal but that was back in 07 before the dub quality started to go down. Now there are a few anime that are out there that has good dubing  but, most of it today is sadly shit. Now i know that there will be a few people out there who will say “cut them some slack!” “it hard pronouncing Japanese names, town, ect” but that not what im talking about. When i say that today dubing is shit i mean today voice actors lack the emotion that voice actors  of the past. It feels forced whenever they have to shout, cry, scream, or yell.  There is no emotion to it.  Sure you can say “well funimation has the best dub” I would say it is touch and go with funimation. While i won’t argue that some of funimation voice actors are good  and they manage to produce good anime from time to time the majority of it falls between mediocre or shitty. Not to mention most of their good dubs was produce  between 2002-2009.

My choice dubs to watch are  the following

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Cowboy bebop

Fruits Basket


Samurai Champloo

Steel Angel Kurumi

Inuyasha the final Act(its kinda subjective )

and Ranma 1/2

it more but those are the top.

Why i choose to watch most of my anime now in subs is not only do i not have to wait for it to be dub but i get the range of emotions from the japanese voice actors/actress or Seiyus  with out it having to feel forced and im sure this is the main reason why lots of anime fans choose sub over dubs to watch now.

Hopefully in the near future the dub will get better and i can go back to watching dubs untill then subs.



Now i wasn’t going to write about it because it was such a relatively old topic from last year but from the last couple of days i’ve been listing to youtubers rant about this one youtuber  and after listing to them i was just going to leave it alone but this friday/saturday something happen

First let me tell you who i am talking about.


Of course every one has heard of the onison drama and if you haven’t  Onision(Greg) is a infamous youtuber who is accused of lying an feeding off sensitive subjects in his videos  just to make a quick youtube dollar. He is also accused of being a pedophile as his past dating record show that he would only date girls who are in their teens while he is a 26-28 year old man. Not to mention the girls he does date He mentally and verbally abuses them and in some of his videos you can see how. One infamous videos which he cleverly titled “shilo forgot me”  he filmed his now Ex girlfriend Shilo  having  a FUCKING SEIZURE!  now let take a pause for a minute. Instead of talking her to the fucking hospital which she need to go to, he take a fucking camera and starts recording his girlfriend having a seizure?! are you kidding me? That video is also controversial because ad sense was enable on that video so many people thought he was exploiting his girlfriend for financial gain. He bashes all his ex in all his video His wife (yes he was married before) left him and he tried to get out of paying her alimony but the bastard had to pay her money.  Someguy827 (which i all recommend you watching because he explain this situation way better than i could) Made a video Exposing all about onision even the fact that he try to start a cult way before he made  his youtube video’s. Mrrepzion made a youtube message  to the parent of Onision New Child bride (she is a child because she is 16)  Explain his intent and his past behavior in detail.

What Set the Internet a blaze this weekend this marriage and Him getting into a cyber war with Kpop sensation psy.

This is my Open letter to Onision

Dear Onision(Greg).

What the fuck is wrong is you, you self in titled prick? you date all these girls all these underage girls. What wrong you can’t find someone your own age you can manipulate? Half your original fans hate you and the one you do have are young  and knowing you when you get tired of you new wife and finished bashing her on your original and speaks Chanel you will do your cherry picking from your fans and find yourself another young jail bait wife. You are a narcissistic and you impose you views on people. When people have views that are different from your own you moderate your youtube comments or even better disable them  how mature of you Greg. Real mature asswipe. You let the fame that you got from that small little segment when Tosh.O feature you on their “Clips of the week” segment go to your fucking head but then again who the say your head wasn’t already inflated you narcissistic cultist and by the way you only got on the segment because of that stupid bannana song. You Need to grow up. You are almost pushing 30 and you are still acting like you are in highschool  you need to grow up. I mean you get into a cyber war with a kpop superstar psy who by the way blows you ass out the water when it come to having fans money and a personality!!! and i understand what he said about our troop wasn’t the best thing he said but look dick head  that what you call a opinion! Just like i am voicing mines and just like how people who actually live here disagree with what the troops are doing But it happen what ten years ago and like you and the media you act like he spit in your face and said “fuck you”.  If you do have kids i feel sorry for them because they shouldn’t have to deal with the shitty ass parent that you appere to be. You are mentally unstable and you really REALLY  need help. You film someone having a seizure when you should have taken them to a hospital regardless if they didn’t want to go shows what a fucked up person you are. You bash your ex’s in your videos and pray on younger girls you are sick. get help you sick fuck.



P.S. You really need to get the fuck of youtube i was never subscribe to you so i really don’t need to give you my youtube user name but after watching rant and some of your videos i can tell what a prick you are get off of youtube.


By the way does anyone else notice how he has the personality of Drew Peterson and Charles Mason without all the Murdery aspects of them. This guy is that weird. He is Drew Peterson/Charles Mason Weird.