First impression of the winter anime season pt 2

second pt of my first impresson of the winter anime season.


Puchimas! petit idolM@ster is a show that has the video game characters from the Idolm@aster! game and their chibi form in various situation each episode is a min to three minunts long.

My impression. Well despite me not watching the regular IdolM@aster anime nor playing a imported version of the game i love the puchimas! each characters chibi form is so adorable! so far i gotten up to episode 10 and this serious is looking at 67 episode but i will be watching to see the other character and their chibi forms.


Minami-he Tadaima is a show about three sister and their daily life it a comedy slice of life

I would have continued to watch it but that was only after i realized that this anime has three season and that this was its fourth so im totally lost and until i watch the last three this is on the back burner.

Kotoura-san is a anime about a girl who  can read mines and because of that she is isolated and even abandon by her own parents but one day while she is in class befriend by a student who doesn’t seem to mind that she can read mind and help her make other friends.

My impression. Now this is suppose to be a school love comedy at least that what the description said. I find this anime to be very good at the beginning but then after she transfer into her new school and meet that one person who accept her i start to loose interest not because of that but because it just came across as generic and not original.  I find anime to be boring and bland. im not watching it


My third part might come later after i do my first impression of Magi review


First impression of winter anime season.

Ok. so i manage to check out a few of what this season has to offer me. is it good? is it bad? well lets find out

Tamako Market the anime about a highschool girl who finds a talking bird(no not a parrot) and keep it all while working at a mochi shop.

My impression-ugh nope. just no. I gave this show two chances on the SAME FUCKING EPISODE!! I rage quit after 30 seconds into it the first time and after 15 minutes into the second time i was like “nope not doing this again”. I just like K-on just without the music and with the talking bird defiantly NOT watching.

Amnesia a show about a nameless girl who looses her memories and who has a little demon who she can only see who is trapped in her soul who is trying to help her regain her memory by interacting with people mostly seven different guys.

My impression. Well at first i was going to drop it because i really don’t like the harem genre in general but as i kept watching, it is very interesting. I though this show was going to be one of those reverse “one girl, seven guys who will she choose”  harem anime but it isn’t that typical. It challenge the watcher in helping her remember who she is and who was this and this person to her. Did she had a boyfriend?, Who are her friends?  And for fuck sakes what the fuck is her fucking name?! So im going to keep watching. It’s interesting for a reverse harem.

Sasami-san at ganbaranai or sasami-san@unmotivated is a anime about a hikkimori who has a loving brother who she treats like a slave and when he is off to work she spies on him using a survience system and um random shit happen…??!

my impression  well seeing how it is produce by SHAFT(something to fill the time in before the next monogatari series) it was visually interesting to watch but story wise even though it is mostly about sasami and her brother i really do not know what the fuck this show is about. I mean we see the brother interacting with three sister each on his way to and during his work and near the end they play a part of fight off some kind of chocolate demon?! it so confusing i really don’t know but its another on my watch list.


Gj-bu is a slice of life anime about five kids in a club but it not like k-on and its based of a light novel its mostly a comedy.

My impression. Well it one of those take it or leave it animes, slice of life anime have that quality about them you either take them as they are or leave them alone i decided to give this one a chance. From the first episode that i’ve seen it’s a ok show it has funny moments but it not a serious slice of life anime if you are looking for that .


Well this is my first impression of what i’ve seen so far.  The only show i really didn’t like is tamako market  but everything else is relevantly decent  or pretty good to watch.

Btooom! Review

*spoilers if you haven’t seen the series*

In todays “being trapped in a online game”  anime boom Btooom! took the genre to a whole new and violent level.  Players play a online halo-ish game where they kill each other without guns but with bombs. Btooom is that game and so whoever plays that game is automatically transported to a isolated island(SURVIOR) and has to fight for their life in order to get out of the island alive.
Btooom! is one of those overlooked anime mainly due to the popularity of SOA but if given the chance I would take Btooom over SOA. Btooom! is a mixture of Battle royal(minus the being in highschool and that pyscho teacher) and any Halo game(minus the guns) It is a bit slow at the start but pick up and keep you at the edge of your seat till the end of every episode. The player collect chip from the dead body of the players in order to get off the island

Plot 9.5
Btooom! really focus on  Ryouta, the twenty two year old NEET who spends his days playing the game till he is transported on the island and has no real recollection of it. Sure he meets Taira-san the old fart who is only useful once and Himiko who is Ryouta online wife but he doesn’t know  and she is mostly  use for fan service anyway but the whole show is spent on him and how he plans on not killing the other players he encounter like how he not manage to kill a psychotic twelve year old who was also transported to the island(yep a twelve year old was transported to a island to kill people) and his quest on getting off the island without having to kill anyone and taking the other two with him.

Characters  9
Though Ryouta had some flaws, as the episodes progressed we saw how he began to realized what a burden he was on his mother and stepfather. Himiko after seeing her friends getting rape and being the only one to get away only to almost get raped on the island trusted no man when she first met Ryouta but near the end  she let her guard down and started to be more c comfortable around Ryouta to the point that he was the only guy beside Taira-san she could trust. Taira-san Started off happy and jolly but near then end grew isolated, fearful and mistrustion only leading to his demised.

Art 9.5
The artwork looks like someone did a copypaste with the death note look  but tweeked it a bit. The characters we well drawen from the young to the extremely old and dying the only problem i had was with the explosion whenever someone would throw a bomb and it would go off. The explosion didn’t look all that great to me.

Overall 9.5
It ended on a happy note seeing how it was a very bloody series but it also ended with hints of a second season not to mention 5 minutes before the ending we are introduced to another character (way to leave us wanting more) not to mention the almost fucking Ryouta X Himiko scene. This is a good anime if you are looking for a bit more action than what SOA has to offer you.




Nekomonogatari Review

Hello  to all it is now offically 2013. New anime to review, old anime still left to review.  Hope your year is off to a good start.

Anyway onward to the review.

Nekomonogarari is the third in the monogatari series but is the prequal to bakemonogatari. It follow the story of Agaragi and Hanekawa and his attempt to try to rid her of the cat demon (the first time). Even though i have sort of a bias when it comes to SHAFT and the monogatari series i kind found this series to be the most boring of the two. Nekomonogatari has  only 4 episode long(more of a ova) i found the plot poorly executed. It felt rushed for it to be only four episodes long it felt like it need more like at least six or a decent eight. It was just a rushed mess explain how Hanekawa became possesed by the cat and the evil cat intention  which they didn’t get to do near the end of bakemonogatari during the Hanekawa arc.


Poorly executed. I was expecting more  from SHAFT even though the dialouge between the characters were decent i just can’t  ignore the plot which was terrible.


We get a insight into Hanekawa character and a bit more of her background with her step-parents.  She is a very sad sad charater in the begining and SHAFT does a good job of making the viewers feel sorry for her. Even in bakemonogatari during her arc you can’t help but feel sorry for her. Agarigi… well is still  breast grabing ,underwear looking, sister molester bastard.


No problems  with the art. I loved the fight scene between Agarigi and the Cat. The whole scene with shinobu(little vamp girl who lives in his shadow) was adorable  and the sister Tsukhi breast grabbing scene was..well it was what it was.


I  love the monogatari series don’t get me wrong but Nekomonogatari put a dent in it. While it does have its good moments the fact that it felt rushed and  the overall story fell flat isn’t something to be ignored. I still recommend watching it if you want to see some good visual and a bit of tasteful ecchi and bad ass battle scenes.

i am the cat

NekomonogatariNekomonogatari 2Nekomonogatari 3

pp shinobu