Will anime Hit a ceiling?

A pod cast i was recently listing to on youtube(podtaku) recently asked a very interesting question “Do you think that anime will hit a ceiling at some point?” My answer to that question is no here is why. During the late 90’s into the late 2007 or as podtaku dub it the john young bosh years because he was in most of the anime that were out at the time, we saw a abundant of good anime being produce and it was because of the adult swim block that we were expose to these anime. Ideas, marketing and Concept  are three main things that we need to look at. Now during 2008 into late 2010 we seen a drop off of good anime and if you wanted to watch a good series you would have to dig through the crap that was out to find that hidden jem  that was out at the time because most  of the mass produce anime was either regurgitated Moe, the simple school drama or new plots in the big three. God i hate the big three. Now anyone can argue  stergins law(google it) and say that old anime was shit too but but think about it, some of the old anime might have been shit but at least 80-90% of the old school anime had a hell of a good plot. Now the idea that anime could end is utterly ridiculous because like i had mention you have to factor in ideas, marketing and concept. When it comes to ideas it true we see the same old plot, senirio,and  characters when it comes to anime even original anime but it wasn’t till early 2011 where anime has been picking up plot wise. Stein gate, fate/zero, madoka, RINNE-NE NO LANGERE, Mawaru Pengwingdrum are just a few anime that came out that have amazing plot and characters, Not to mention manga. There are countless manga that deserve a anime adaptation but either do not get one or the manga-ka get the “catcher in the rye” syndrome and won’t allow it(seriously the guy is dead and im pretty sure his estate would be happy if a movie would be made by now.) There could be a opinion of taking the FMA: brotherhood route  and remake some old anime. 

Companies have been trying to market anime to a american audience since the late 90’s. Lately VIZ announced NEON ALLY a channel that shows VIZ licensed media VIA PS3 and currently x-box 360. Its things like this that should give other companies the idea to air anime exclusivity to sites. In japan they have exclusive episode on the web or on DVD even and you can’t see them unless you go to the site or buy the dvd.  Companies like Funimation, VIZ, Media Blasters, Sentai films, should take it upon them self  to choose this option and with toonami case they can have a block  and premire Toonami exusive anime(not like Avitar) but somewhere along the lines of IXGP remember that show.

Every year or so a different art style pop up. many people gravitate tword different art styles in anime or in art in general. This year it was all about SAO art style, for the past couple of years 2008-2011 it was all about the moe style or the K-on art style. We need more anime with different art style. Remember there was a period in the 90’s where there was nothing but CLAMP style(good old clamp) i feel that anime has taken a simplistic style not that there is nothing wrong with it especially if you are making a three min anime or a slice of life but if you are planning to make something epic try experimenting i would love to see more animes that have the ganketsuo art style or even yoshitiba ABE or Yasuomi Umetsu make something at this point im willing to go into a second CLAMP wave. 

The idea that anime will hit a ceiling anytime soon is kinda unrealistic i mean yes their have been the droughts of good anime  the idea of running out of any good anime is very insane. Through the drought of lame wack anime there is a golden gem, two even that is worth watching. There are 60 billion people in the world, Lots of stories to be told.  I don’t know. What do you think what are your thoughts?



first impression of magi

I was really suppose to do this two months ago back in December .(im super late!! but not my fault) I’ve want to give my first impression on the anime instead of reviewing the anime even though there are 16 episodes in.

When this first premiered on the fall line up i checked out the first episode and at first i was hook but due to my fall line up being filled with other anime this anime took a back seat at first but i still ocassional watch to keep up. 

The three main characters are a yellow hair punk name Alibaba, a blue hair boy name aladin who carries around a blue genie called ugo and a kick ass pink hair bitch name morgiana who was a former slave. As the episodes progress we see time skips, Wars, and the trials and tribulation that these characters go through. Now im only gotten up to the current episodes and i don’t want to give to much away until do my review on the series as whole but there are thing that are so epic(i know i shouldn’t use this word so loosely but still.) it makes this anime up there to be almost a classic. 



Then there the whole Manga VS Anime thing which i would do a whole seperate article about in the near future but for those who has read the Magi manga you too would notice slight if not major variation between the two.

I mean Magi is very different from all the anime that have been  put out there in the past couple of years. For one it is set in what looks like ancient India or Arab  Secondly it is loosly based of a book 1001 Arabian nights.

Check it out.