Amnesia Anime Review


August 1st, Parelle worlds, five different worlds and a girl who doesn’t remember, are all main thing Amnesia has and what makes this anime a  interesting story.

When i first watch Amnesia i really didn’t have high expectation of this. Mainly because it was a reverse harem and i really hate harems as a whole  boy trying to get the attention of girl but 1000 plus girls get  in his way or in the case with reverse harem the girl want the guy but then 7+ guys get in the way  and she doesn’t know which one to choose which was the case with Amnesia but there was a twist she had to figure out who she was with all along.


Amnesia start out with a no name girl(her name is heroin but i like to call her no name bitch  to be honest) and she awakens  at a maid cafe on a sofa  not knowing who she is or where she is. A floating fairy boy name ORION(yes it is in all caps like that) appears in front of her telling her to lay down and refuse any medical attention and that he will tell her everything once she is off of work. Once  she is out and back at her house ORION  tell her that he is a fairy  who  tell her he “crashed” into her soul and now is  part of her thus causing her to forget all about herself, Who she is, What  she did prior, and who she is dating.

Throughout the series No name girl Meet a series of five guys Shin, Ikki, Kent, Toma and Uyko. Not in order but when it comes to their relationship with the main characters it is in that order for as she finds out what is her relationship was with the previous person she is then thrusted into a new world via death by Ukyo hands or a accident which is 50/50.  Each time she is trusted into a new world it is always August 1st. Why? Well simply because it was the say she gotten into a terrible accident. Whenever she is interacting with the different guys she finds out more about herself and who are the guys she are dating are to her. Shin and Toma are her Childhood friends but Shin is her boyfriend. In Ikki arc Ikki and her are a couple only because ikki love her because she was the only girl he couldn’t seduce so easly with his mystical eyes he gotten after wishing on a shooting star. in Kent arc(which was really short) nothing much happen so yeah. In Toma Arc  well Toma because super obsessive and protective so far to the point he kept her lock up inside his house inside a cage! In Ukyo arc we find out that Ukyo has a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde Personality. His nice side is his true side  but his evil side was  the side that has been trying to kill no name girl all along . Near the end His good side took over his own body eventually leading to his own death.


Story-It starts off slow but interesting in the first few minuets it bombards you with all these images of her repeated deaths through the series. Even within the first few minuets with of no name girl meeting ORION.


Art-Im not going to lie this look like  Uta-princess-sama and when i say that they all ALL  had weird eyes. The  art work on each characters was lacking a bit thought.


Overall- Overall i thought that this was a good mystery reverse harem. The ended felt rush with Ukyo dying and her surving and getting her memories back but  we never get to see who she choose at the end. It still was a good Reverse harlem



BTW This anime is based of the Otome game by the same name.

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Angel Beats Review

High school and death what do they have in common? Those are two things you can’t avoid no matter how hard you try.

Luckily Key Animation merge the two and giving us Angel Beats. Angel beats start off with Yuzuru Otonashi waking up in the middle of a battle between Angel or Tachibana Kaede and Yuri Nakemura and the SSS. Not knowing what is happening he decided to approach Kaede by doing this he is stab and awakens in the infirmary when the question is asked why isn’t he dead it is promptly answered He is in fucking limbo!

It took me two years to finished this whole series. Two years. Why? well because it super slow to start off and fairly i gotten bored around episode 5 and i said i would come back to it  but that was two years ago that was way before hyouka, mirani Nikki, deadman wonderland, Magi, and any other good anime came out. Fast forward two years later i decided to finished it in a night.  Key has been know to melt your soft cold dead heart  by making you cry like a baby but  this series was just too, too predictable. 

Characters were being added just for the hell of it and the solution of it was to make them go away or “Pass on”. only one of the main characters manage to develop  and he didn’t even develop that well. 

Story- I felt that the story gotten weak around episode 5, predictable around episode 8 and redundant around episode 12 i mean yeah it had its good funny moments  and it tear jerkers moments  but these weak, predictable and redundant moments  are what made it a terrible story for me.

Art-I have no problem with the art except when it came to.Otonashi story when it came to remembering how he died. What the fuck was up with those bangs?!






This was a original Anime from key and it isn’t based of their visual novels like how Air or Kanon or even Little busters were still i think they should stick to making anime off their visual novels

Manga Vs. Anime

Manga vs Anime isn’t discuss that much now as it was back in the day but it still a topic of great debate in the otaku community. Which is better  the Manga? or the Anime?  its kind the same argument which is better the books or the movie?  Just as everyone would say the books are better some if not most anime fans would say the manga is better. I am going to talk about two things when it comes to the argument manga vs anime  and which one i prefer better. The first thing we need to look at is the difference between anime manga that gets a anime adaptation. Whenever a manga gets a anime adaptation there are slight changes if not changes complete to the whole manga series Full Metal Alchemist  had to make Brotherhood because  the Alchemist did not follow the original manga plot thus creating a stand alone anime adaption of the series and a manga plot version of the series. Some fans are use to the minor change that anime studios make because it could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing. When Miriai Nikki was still airing they added onto Marco and Ai background story with more explanation while when deadman wonderland was still airing two characters who were also important  to the series were never introduce. One was a blind old man another being a tranny. Another thing we have to look at is consistences  of both.  If you were to watch a normal anime sometimes it take weeks to be put online and if you are one of those people who prefer Dubs it could take 6months to a year to get put onto a DVD/Blu-ray disk, Where as when it comes to manga you can read it right away sometimes if its finishes you can take 1-2 days to finishes the manga if you are a fast reader that is and have lots of time on your hands. Manga is alot quicker and easier  to finishes than a anime series based of the manga. While both take time to make. Anime takes more time to make (mores so due to its production cost and character design and trying to keep with the original storyline with the manga, finding voice actor/actress  ect…) not to mention how many anime animators are underpaid as it is. As it comes to this topic of  debate Manga Vs Anime I would come to the conclusion that while both is better manga is actually better than the Anime. Why is that? Well yes there are a Animes that manage to out due the manga counterpart and there are others that manage to improve on the story also, with manga you can get so much more information than you would with the anime. This isn’t much of a huge topic of debate anime seeing how most anime are either now basted of a game or Orignal anime in it self that are getting manga adaptation but it still interesting to talk about.

Do you like Manga more? or anime more? do you not care?