Spring Anime Season Review 2013

My quick spring anime review on what im watching this season.


Aku no hana 

Attack onTitan

Hentai prince Stony Cat

RDG/Red Data Girl

Suisei no Galgantia


Aku no Hana I will keep watching because its not like any normal anime i have seen in the past 10 years it kinda reminds me of zero 7’s video ft sia

Attack on Titan when i saw the preview for it i knew i was going to watch it. The First episode had me in tears It was so sad this is a keeper.

Hentai Prince  Stony Cat. Its kinda lame and i know its going to go the Ecchi route but im going to see how its going to end up.

RDG/Red data Girl was the first i watch out of the spring season. Its very slow starting and doesn’t really pick up till half way through episode 3 its kinda a supernatural series mix with slice of life series i love the scenery in it though. I will keep watching it.

Suisei no Galgantia -Im not really feeling this one. Its ok but i don’t  know if i will be watching it for long.

Karnaval- If we are playing anime bingo then Karnaval is the Shonen-AI of the season.



Sasami@Ganbaranai or Sasami@unmotivated ..Seriously ThafuQ?!!


I had high hopes for this anime. I really did. It was produced by Studio SHAFT and directed by Akiyuki Simbo the same person who directed the monogatari series and the Madoka Anime.  II have a bias when it comes to SHAFT, i LOVE the Monogatari series (even though im Iffy about nekomonogari) and i love the Madoka anime so when i heard SHAFT was going to produce another anime i was like FUCK YEAH!!

So as i was watching Sasami@Ganbaranai as usual i was amazed by the typical shaft graphics  but when it came to the plot…WHAT THE FUCK HAPPEN TO THE PLOT!!

Sasami@Ganbarani Starts off as a story about a Hikkimori name Sasami who lives with her overprotecting brother WHO HAS NO FACE because every time you see him something is covering his face!!  I really do not know what this anime was suppose to be. After episode 3 it just lost its focus. The first three episode was about Sasami and Three sisters Tsurugi, Kagami, and Tama Yagami all who try to help Sasami with her Hikkimori problem and keep balance in the normal world due to the distortion sasami creates when she is moody. It was good up to that point after that it just was a cluster fuck of plots. This anime didn’t know what it wanted to be especially around episodes 10-12 where they feel the need to add new useless characters. 

I really can’t give it a decent review because after episode 3 it took a shitty nose dive. I really had high hopes for this anime too.


After episode 3 there are some good moments if you can tolerate a non consistence plot. 


This is the kind of art you would find in a typical slice of life anime if Sasami@ganbaranai was trying to aim for that i really don’t know with this anime anymore but in some of the later episode SHAFT works their magic to put some life in this otherwise useless anime.


I came in watching this anime with high hopes. I left with the feeling of disappointing and feeling like i’ve been fucked with(not in a good way either) I wish it could have been better.


Magi Review

My review of magi that i promised. I made a first impression of Magi back in febuary from episodes 1-16 but this is my overall review of the series as a whole.

This Series….WOW.  This is one of the series from the Fall/Winter season that was truly Amazing. Aladdin Alibaba, Morgiana made a badass team   There were alot of Epically bad ass moments. Plot twist Left and right but let get to the heart of the matter.

There were a few things i  did things have a problem with the series. after Ugo Death and Aladdin power up somewhere around episode 17 before the balbad arc ended and the Sindria arc begins it stops following the manga. I mean i notices slight differences between the manga and the anime but the manage to keep it close to the manga up to a certain point. The second thing I had a problem with was Alibaba.  Alibaba played the Shinji Card mostly in the beginning of the series(Don’t know what the Shinji card is watch Evagelion) and during the balbad arc. There was slight growth. He grows from a Wimpy Child to a Wimpy man. The Third thing I have a problem with is how it ended on the Sindara arc. Yes i should have expected it to end soon but why end it the way they did it was kind of …yeah.

I did like the power up each characters gotten.Aladdin got the power to speak to the dead and magic(that what solomon wisdom is to me so far). Alibaba gotten a fire sword. Morgiana  got Bracelet that act like batman hooks and borrow Amon fire power. so its Chains of fire. I didn’t Like Hakuryuu power up however, how the hell you are in the dungeon looking for the Djin but when your arm is chopped off you some how manage to summon him and he is now your new arm?!


Art-8.5 mostly because there was some wonky and moe looking moments

overall 9.5 

This is very enjoyable series  Second Season is in the works which i will be watching but this season its really good. It is very original and you are looking for a action adventure anime filled with magic. If you didn’t feel like waiting you can read the manga but be warned it stop being consisted after episode 16.