Aku no hana episode 7

WTF did i just watch.

Well after 6 episode of antagonizing moments of me yelling at my computer for kasuka being so dramatic over stealing sakei clothing but i digress,this episode was just, WTF Was  up  with everybody.  starts out normal him going to saeki house to give her the printout and her asking him can she trust him and shit he lies and say yeah but after that WTF!! I’m mean seriously. He ask nakamura (the crazy psycho bitch who put him  in this mess to begin with), to help him come clean to saeki  she agree and they meet in the middle of the night at the school. They enter the school (which thumbs up for breaking and entering) and Nakamura wants him to write on the chalkboard what he’s done with saeki gym clothes and what a sick derange bastard he is. Kasuka say no because then the whole class will no it was him and this pisses namamura off so she said to him don’t bother her no more the contract they had between them is over. Something Inside kasuka snap because he did what nakumara wanted and wrote all over the chalkboard  but nakamura wasn’t satisfied so Kasuga spazed even more writing all over the board all on the floors and before i knew it the two of them was doing a Indian tribal dance full of teenage angst  and rage covered in inc tearing up the classroom!!

Episode 8 is going to be a treat i can’t wait to see the clusterfuck that await Him.

Side note- I drop red data girl and now im watching nichijjou RDG wasn’t doing it for me after episode 6


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Oh Nakamura why you so evil


Attack on Titan ep 5


If you didn’t watch episode 5 or haven’t seen the series yet please watch that especially good series before i go into it.

So two years pass the gang graduates and go into the recon force which basically fights the front lines and protect the city when the titans come. During this episode Erin and others are up on the wall having causal chat enjoying the peace when the Titan from years ago appeared again and then soon the whole fucking town was overrun with titans. As the recon force are trying to get people out of the town, Erin and others are on the defense attacking the titans needless to say one of them gets eaten causing Erin to go into a bitch fit of a rage and causing more people from the force to get hurt and injured including  himself. Among the un-injured was Armin who was watching his friend being slaughter and was to much of a bitch to move and that when this  god looking Titan came to eat Armin and  that when he came to his fucking senses and realize he was being eating but Erin Injuries and all Came to save him. But..


i really don’t know what is going to happen in the next few episode but … FUCK Image


Quick Review of Eva 3.0 you can (not) redo


but in all seriousness it was a fucking good movie!!!

im going to try to avoid spoilers as  much as i can but i suggest if you have a tumblr don’t type 3.0 in the tumblr search tag.

This is basically all you need to know

-Shinj wake up 14 years later after 2.0

– Misato along with the old Nerv Crew is now form a new crew called “Willie” Which Asuka and Mari is apart of and their mission is to destroy angels AND Nerv’s Eva

-Misato has a collar put on him and tell him if he flys a EVA he dies

-Shinji goes back to Nerv via a rei clone saving him by busting onto “Willie” ship

-his father still alive and a dick

-Shinji finds out that by saving Rei  that he caused third impact and that everyone on earth is basically dead

-Karou is man loving on Shinji

-his father friend tell him that his mom is EVA unit one and her genes lives on in Rei  thus her last name being ayanami and the fucking clones

-Karou take the collar off of shinji so he can piolet the eva

-Karou dies

Lots of question.

I have Lots of questions.

Things i didn’t like about the movie is how they introduce new characters and they only got like 5-10 Minuit of screen time. I also didn’t like the fact they didn’t really go into dept about  “willie” or the fact Askua, Shinji, and Mari, looks the same AFTER 14 FUCKING YEARS  yet  Misato, the Nerv Crew and even Shinji father went through some changes.

I mean even with the fucking eye patch  Asuka looks the same.

I really enjoyed this movie alot!! I plan on getting the DVD. I just hope they make 4.0 so some of my questions can be answered Image