Aku no hana episode 10 Impression

Well after i seen what happen in this episode.I would have to say.

kasuga you fucking cunt.

so it opens with sakei “going out to get more stationary” aka Looking for Kasuga who is fucking riding up the mountaint with Nakamura. Both of them ended up taking a break due to raining.The whole reason Kasuga and Nakamura are both up in the Mountains to begin with is because Nakamura wants to see what is behind the mountains. She wants to get out of the town.  Kasuga not wanting to leave her alone he follows her. During the OH SO OBVIOUS SEXUAL TENSION between him and Nakumura, Sakei spots the duo and confronts kasuga to come home.

Now It was during this scene  that i had a problem with.

Saeki tries to convince Kasuga to come home then nakumura makes him strip to show saeki his “true perverted self”. Saeki not giving a fuck about any of that just wants him to be more honest with her and for him to come home. Kasuga so overwhelmed by Saeki feelings starts to go with her. Nakumura getting irritated steals kasuga bike (again) and starts to head for beyond the mountain. Kasuga chase after nakumura. and then it happen

The scene that remind me of school days just without it ending in muder and him fucking a bunch of bitches.

Nakamura not wanting to waste anymore time  tells kasuga to choose. Choose between Her or Saeki. Kasuga goes on a long dragged out speech telling sakei  the truth about how he feels for her and telling Nakumura for the upteen time that he’s not a deviant but instead fucking empty inside. basically ending  it with saying “I can’t choose either of you- i don’t have the right to”.

Let me explain why it reminded me of school days just with out the murder and the main guy fucking all the girls in the school. for those who seen school days you know that the main guy i think his name is makoto has a crush on a girl who doesn’t know he exist.  A girl who is close to that girl help him but they end up getting close too.  Long story short he fucked his friend gets killed by his friend and his crush turn girlfriend kill the friend and takes his head on a “Nice boat”. Why i compared this particular scenes to school days was because of the build up. the build up to it, to  this particular episode it was almost a few scenes short of being a school days clone..

Anyway hearing this both girls are upset. Saeki drop the book he first brought her on their first and only date and nakamura goes in a fit of rage stomping on it tearing the pages and throws it at him. He looks at her and i would have to say that is the only time you see Nakumura so vulnerable, so weak,. so sad. The police spots the trio on a report from Saeki mother claiming that she went missing. because you know it take you all night to by stationary!! and ask them to get in the car. Nakamura not having that tries to escape but she was caught and put in the car.

can you say awkward.




I was going to review titan episode 7 i had it planned but my power went out. I was in the dark for a week. So instead of doing a review of episode 7 i plan on waiting till the whole series is finished to do it. I might pop in time to time to do a review on certain episodes but im plan on waiting till the series is done. As for aku no hana i do have reviews for episode 10 not 11 because in a nutshell MEH.