First impression of FREE! episode 1-4

I decided to do my first impression of this anime because apparently there is this rumor going around that FREE! isn’t returning until the 7th of August. I don’t know how much of that is true but i found this to be the perfect opportunity to do a first impression of the first four episodes.

I gave it the three  episode anime test which if you don’t know what that is is basally when you watch a new series and you give it three episode before you decide to drop it or keep  watching it. Apparently i kept watching seeing how im doing a first impression for four episode. Now  in the first episode we are introduce to most of the main cast. Haruka “Haru” Nanase the man protagonist in the series who apparently get a boner every time someone mention the word “Pool” and is so obsessed with swimming  he bathes in his swimsuit, he wears his swimsuit under his clothes INSTEAD OF UNDERWEAR. His friend Makoto Tachibana  who seem like the logical thinking one in the whole series and Nagisa Hazuki who is very hyper and shorter than the other two. The first episode was spent with the three of them dicking around and Nagisa bring up the fact that the old school is being torn down. This doesn’t interest Haru intill Makoto mention the “pool” inside the school so they decide to sneak in late at night. Side note salt or not  you just dont carry aroud pack of white powder nagisa!  So as they are exploring the school someone emerges from the shadow  (to some weird dubstep music might i add )which happens to be another old friend/ arch rival Rin Matsuoka.  Then on the drop of a dime Haru and Rin decide lets have a fucking swim off both strip down and both are wearing nothing but their swimsuits(yes both have on swimsuits under their clothes) but before you can say Gou (rin sister name no pun intented) Makoto and Nagisa realized theres no fucking water in the pool. God forbid they just dive into a EMPTY ABANDON POOL!  Episode two we are properly introduce to Gou Rin sister, Episode three we are introduce to Rei Ryuugazaki a track star who Nagisa tries to get to join the swim club that they try to get started but he says no to him like a bunch of time but at the end of episode three he finally says yes.  To be honest the first four episode really reminded me of K-on in the sense  that they really have no deep plot.  Kids meet up in highschool, Kids have similar interest, Kids try to find a club that they can join to practice set interest, No club exist or has been disband, Kids try to start up club again, Kids recruit members to join set club so they won’t have to disband before they just got started, club is form, Fuck all  else happen afterwards.  I really can say this is going to go the K-on route. The only real difference is that there might be a acutall plot in FREE with the whole rival thing with haru and rin  but as far as i can tell im still waiting for that beach episode where they are just “practicing” swimming and not dicking around. This has another k-on! written all over it.


Free dome 2

free dome


Is Man-Service the new wave in anime?

With the new release of FREE! from Kyoani and its display of High school boy in all their muscle bound body glory, this raises a good and important question will man-service be the new wave in anime? We are all familiar with fan service with all the breast and panty shots that are in anime hell there are some anime that are devoted to that (im looking at you Ikki tousen, Queens Blade and 90% of the animes that rely on it because they don’t have a decent plot) But in terms to Free! its a whole new spin on the fan service.

Free! was only suppose to be a demo KyoAni made to show how good they can animated water(and i guess how they improve on animating) but i guess the fan girls wanted to see MORE!! so a KyoAni obliged. The original penitent title was suppose to be “Swimming” Anime, which still can be(and to me and 95% of the people who watch it is) the title of anime seeing how the anime is about so far 4 boys starting a swimming club and one of them getting a boner and stripping when someone mentions the word “pool”. Getting back on point, it was during the demon where a small amount of man service  turned into a huge demand where kyoani made it into a full series.

Alot might bash the show because they might deem it to be “Gay” or “For the girls” but its acually it does has something in there for the guys …somewhat. Some might say Kuroko no basket was full of man service but im sorry and i know im going to get alot of hate for this they didn’t do it well. Free! is taking the long forgotten Man-service genre and bringing to the light and forcing people to look at it! Accept it! and Appreciate it!!

My question is will other companies follow suit? will they produce their own version of free! or some Man Service anime that might do better than free?

Imagethe fangirl in all of us


First impression of summer anime 2013

I would be giving my first impression of a few summer anime that i watch in a few to one word.

Free!!(swimming anime)-Hot boys, Pool, Kyoani making everything cute? Oh Kyoani you tease you.


Dangan Ronpa- Hey you like solving mysterious? No, well too bad you can’t leave till you find out who the killer is. Oh by the way if you don’t guess correctly  you might die too.

Rozen maiden 2013- Thank god they are finally going to explain the white doll.

Monogatari second season- Lesbians? Ecchi?

Blood lad- Weeaboo vampire

That is it.  As i watch the series i will give a more indent review of the series but for now these are my first impression of the series.

Aku no hana Review

This is the season review as a whole now that it has compleated.

The word “ClUSTERFUCK” get thrown around alot when it comes to certain animes. However when it comes to Aku no Hana not only was this a clusterfuck of a anime(i don’t mean that in a bad way by the way) but somewhat a refresher from a generic psychological drama anime.

Yes Aku no hana takes place in a highschool japan like 90% of all anime out there does but what set  this anime apart besides it interesting use of retroscope in its animation is how  it humanize each and every character. From Nakamura to the side characters.


Some of the main characters are relatable  if not for their slow development. Perfect example Kasuga. Kasuga spent most of the series trying to maintain his innocence and the fact that he wasn’t a “Deviant” but the last two episode  He change and proclame that he would try to be the best fucking deviant to Nakamura. I would have like him more his change was made during episode 10.


It is really a interesting plot. while halfway through the series it strays away from the main goal and focuses  more on Nakamura and Kasuga relationship up till the end of the series it really was a good plot. While they could have took it in a different direction (i.E the ecchi route or the School days route) Im glad they stuck to this route.

Graphic 10

Not everyday you get to see a anime that is film like a zero 7 video ft sia. In all seriousness This was a ballsy move on their part and it was either a hit or miss  to me it was a hit with the graphics. There are picture floating around the webs with the actors who were filmed in retro scope for the aku no hana anime and it was a rumor that it was suppose to be a J-drama and if that was true why wasn’t it?


Hana ga sa-ta-yo-ha-na-hana ga sa-ta-yo That is the sound of death.  no matter how you play it it sound like death.

Overall 10

Really good series. Original graphic, Plot that help characters grow and develop and you see how the change affect them.  Episodes that stood out for me is episode 7, 10-13. If you want a mental mind fuck that doesn’t have to do with death or mecha then look pass the graphics and sit down and enjoy this.

Imageenjoy gif of aku no hana