Free Episode 7 Impressions

What the fuck? ok now they really can’t deny the sexual tension between the characters when ITS FUCKING OBVIOUS!! This episode  was so um gay. Including the Rin dream sequence which was suppose to be sad but ended up to being a sexual innuendo on how he want to beat haru in a swimming race or fuck him in the water  i really don’t give a shit. The only thing i got from that dream was his dad was the fisherman who died and  who makoto knew and seen  when he was little. Let get on to the grey hair dude who shares a room with Rin  he so wants to be butt buddies with Rin to the point it got a bit creepy. Fast forward to the relay  Rin Vs Haru  Haru looses the Free style race and Rin wins at after he wins he tell Haru that “he will never race him again EVER!!”  Some how this mentally breaks Haru. This whole episode was just too funny and they wonder why people makes fun of this show. I mean i can look past the manservice but when you are forcing subtle shonen ai down are throats its kinda hard not for people to call the show “Gay” 


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