Do you want anime to become Mainstream?

During this week i watch Gigguk Video about anime becoming mainstream

Near the end of the vid he asked a question “Do you want anime to become Mainstream?”

Here is my answer-NO

No for the simple fact that  i see the anime as a gated community a little slice of heaven on earth that only those who have the golden willy wonka ticket that  can gain access to it. Anime Has been my vice since i was 9 it help me when i was in middle school going to high school and all through out high school and during the three years of college i  did. Anime is the cure for my depression when i am sad. when i am feeling lonely  i put on anime, when my friends are unreliable i put on anime. ANIME REALLY SAVED MY LIFE.(that and a bunch of other things) But it was and is anime that is keeping me alive. If it was to go mainstream the sentimental value it holds to not only me but to other people  will be  tarnished and almost be made a mockery of.  corporation will try their best to add what  they think the western audience want to see and  granted we might get lucky and get a IGPX or a Afro Samuri but we are more than likely to end up with shitty water down stuff.

If it was to go Mainstream we could see a boom in the anime industry BUT it wlll be a quantity over quality situation.   The Quantity being anime being made for the masses who do not care about it or are just getting into it just because  its “New” “Cool” or the “It” thing at the moment where as true authentic anime fans who care about quality anime shows will be forced to the way side and some might even be turn off anime forever if it does go mainsteam.

If you look at it it’s a loosing situation.

What do you guys think Do you think anime should become mainstream?


One thought on “Do you want anime to become Mainstream?

  1. I think Anime is becoming more and more mainstream and it saddens me, I remember when I first got into anime no one really liked it, our numbers have tripled and the fan base is starting to become over compensating, elitists who love to show off their preferences, what ever happens, happens, all we can do is keep the faith.

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