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Monogatari Season 2

Happy holidays everyone. Hope you guys had a nice christmas (i sure didn’t) but i’m back. New review. Let get into it.

Monogatari Season 2.

I honestly do not know how to feel about this season. To be honest i am really dissapointed with the direction they decided to take this season. I do not like the way they deconstructed well known characters, how most of the plots in most of the arc were predictable and how they just got rid of lovable characters (Spolier alert: Mayori). Two of the arc in the season were kinda bland to me while i really love the Shinobu arc i really could have done without most of the  Hanekawa arc or the later half of the shinobu arc.  One thing i did like about the show is that they did amp it up on the visual which is one thing i do love about studio SHAFT. More Characters were introduce like Oshino neiece and Gaen -senpai but we really never get into  their background. Near the end i guess you can say it “get interesting” because  despite me liking the Shinobu arc the last arc, the senjogahara arc was the most interesting also kaiki comes back and i kinda like Kaiki even in Nisemonogatari it was just something about him(maybe its because he reminded me of a vampire) Despite me liking Kaiki the dialogue is fluid and it reminded me of that of bakemonogatari. The last arc really, sadly to say kept me interested second was the shinobu arc.


For the most part this season had a decent plot. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good as it’s predecessors. I would have like to seen more and i would have like it to be less predictable if they are planning to bring it back.


I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about the artwork for this time they amp it up for past season.


With the deconstruction of three characters and the complete deaths of two more The characters this season really didn’t do it for me.

Overall. 7.5

Even though i have a huge bias for Studio Shaft i am willing to admit that this particular season of Mongatari has flaws. I recommend watching it if  you are like me and have a bias for Studio Shaft or Just gotten in to the whole monogatari series. It’s not a bad anime overall but i just would have like to seen more from it.


Is remaking old anime series the new anime trend in anime?

I was having a talk with my sister and she expressed her concerns with the remake of the new Sailor moon series. She was worried that it wasn’t going to be as good as the orginal or that the art style might kill it seeing how it might be a moe style. This got me to thinking. What if most anime studios started remaking old anime series? I know Hunter X Hunter was remade to complete its non finshed chapters and it seem to be doing well. Im not worried about Sailor moon when it comes out( im worried about the new fans that will come with its reboot)  but what if anime studios started to remake old anime series? I personally  would not have a problem with it. Me personally i would like to see the following series get remade.

1 Utena




3 Possible Fruits Basket


4.Vampire princess Miyu and the ova


5. Evagelion


6 Maybe inuyasha




8.Devil Hunter Youko


9.Tenchi Muyo!


10. Maybe Serial Experimental Lain


If this becomes a new anime trend it could be a good or bad thing. I see it as a good thing. For one, We get better animation that we didn’t get at the time, better graphics, clearer, clean, graphic. Second if we get studios who do remake a series who want to follow the manga instead of giving it the typical anime only ending we might get better ending for that anime. It work for Hellsing Ultimate. Either way if it does start im all for it.