Greetings and a bit of sad news

Hello everyone i  know i just making this post to let you know that im still alive still here still breathing.

I am watching the winter anime season so i will make post and reviews on the seires that stood out

however(now here comes the bad news)

I won’t be back on this blog till the maybe February Im removing from alot and my health is important to me so yeah. 





Little Busters ~Refrain~ Review



………….I have no words……………



Seriously i think Key aims to slowly emotionally break down its audience and force about half of them to commit suicide. Little Buster ~Refrain~ was the most emotional Key anime i’ve seen since..Air TV from them(i love Air TV, Clannad was meh.)

It was very confusing at first with its clusterfuck of what happening, Why is it happening, are these characters dead? alive? and the M night shamalonic atmosphere but soon everything begain to fall in place and once they did  my emotion begain to fall apart.



When Riki and Rin began to gather the original members of the Little buster that when i knew shit gotten real.. Too real. 

What is with key and death seriously it like a running theme with them.

overall it did had a happy ending so it wasn’t all just a shit storm of tears and emotions.



Not quite a solid 10 because it did had some moments that it did lack but Refrain the plot really was interesting this time around

Characters 8

Even though you won’t see alot of the main cast in refrain they do make a good job of giving back stories to kengo, masato, and Kyouske especially during the gathering of the Original little busters arc near the end.


For some reason Key made sure that the art and animation was fluid and clearer in Refrain than it was in the original little buster However, there was a episode… where Rin met up with characters who dissapers in the first half of the series and the background well let just say they seriously cut corners on that episode.

Overall 9.9

I would suggest watching the original little buster first so you can grow accustom to the characters who you will soon lose in Refrain. But don’t worry there is a happy ending