Kill La Kill, Pupa, Sakura Trick

Kill La Kill





SO … yeah go watch the last 10 min of Kill La Kill ep 17

Pupa. This show will scare you in  four min.  I hate the fact that it is four min long but just imagine if it was a full twenty two min episode long. Even though i laugh during episode two i was scared. If you are a fan of gore this will be your anime. This anime took long to come out because they had to find voice actors/actresses.


(note you will have to get pass the shitty art)

Sakura Trick. Its a yuri that knows its a yuri but doesn’t take itself seriously


I love that opening “won’t chu kiss me” classic.That aside it knows its a yuri and it isn’t super serious like Aoi hana or have yuri undertones like any Shoujo-ai shows like Yuri Yuru. It knows its a yuri. Its a comedy mostly. So yeah.

Part one of what i am watching this winter season.


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