Why i gave up chuunibyou season 2 and pupa and pupipo! (Theory) reviews



Chuunibyou the first season was every weeaboo or recoving weeaboo answer to anime. The characters were relatable and near the end the story was moving. This was the season i found very unessicary. Another character was added they added the “love triangle” element to it and now the story is shit to me at least.  I stop watching around episode 8 because i knew it was going be be a love thiangel and im not a fan of romance anime that much.



Pupa episode 7-10


ok so seeing how the last episode was just a full episode episode 6, 7 the doctors the lady in black was bathing in a cave (like a boss seriously who baths in a cave!) 8 the siblings get kidnapped by some weird druggy looking guy and the censorsship was everywhere because he had a knife and i guess they woun’t let us see the knife but THEY WILL LET US SEE A BOY GETTING EATING!!  episode 9 after they are taken some one the girl is in another room while her brother (who if you think about it has a amazing power minus having to hear his screaming voice) getting disected by doctors seeing how she couldn’t take it her demon pupa powers activates and she breaks the chains episode 10 she kills and eats about 1/2 of the guards trying to find her brother

it only takes about 4 min to leave you on the edge of your seats but this show should be atleast 15 min long. Yes i was scared near the end of 7 and 9 but i feel that it could have went longer!! the croud wants more!!





Another 4 min long show is pupipo. Its about a girl who can see ghost one day on her way to school she finds this pink blob looking thing name po! she makes a friend who is into Occult things and decides to hang out with her depites what everyone thinks about her.

The first few episode are about the girl and her friend having little adventures with their pink friend po. However and this is just a thoeory of mines i strongly belive that this po thing is ghost seeing girl dead child from the future. 


Here me out. Now in one of the earler episode Ghost girl while holding po has a flash of seeing a baby hand then she looks at po. In the later episode the girl and her friend met a boy who can also see ghost.  During episode 9 he said while holding po he had a vision of him and the girl in the future but she was crying 


(see that kids find a pink thing hold it long enough you might see your terrible future too!)

But that is just my theroy. I will keep watching it especially now seeing how it getting even more interesting.


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