Little Buster! Refrain ep 7

Rin has become so depressed that she only smiles when she is around children. why i don’t know and that kinda makes her seem like a pedo as well but whatever.  Kyousuke is gone in 1/4 of the beginning of the anime when Kengo and Masato fight. Riki tries his hardest to difusses the situation but nope doesn’t work. They fight Kengo ends up with  a broken arm. Kyousuke appares later and now he’s a hikkikimori. When the fuck did that happen? Why did it happen i would like to know.

So while Riki was talking to him he begins to talk to Riki in some Crypic message  saying “you still haven’t solved the mysteries of this world” bullshit meaning i still don’t know what the fuck is going on.  He tell Riki to leave because he is “getting to the good part” in his book.  Riki is confused(as he should be) because 1) Kengo and Masato are on the outs 2) Rin only likes to be around him but yet only smiles around children and 3) the Little Busters are falling apart. Side note what happen to Komari? Did KEY just kill her off screen? No explination. No warnings. No nothing. Back in the dorms Riki was talking to Kengo about Rin and Kyousuke  He tells Riki to leave Kyousuke alone but that Rin still loves him and to come up with something fun they can all do.

During one of his visit  with Rin he take her and decide to  become her kyousuke and help her break out of her depressed state.

So they look for something fun to do. Coming up empty they almost give up. Untill that same white cat Lennon plays with a baseball and Riki pick it up and ask Rin if she want to try she says yes. Some how this bring back a nostagic feeling for both because i don’t know how they forgot they BOTH WAS ON A BASEBALL TEAM!! This promts Riki to remember the question Kengo asked him and soon he returns with a box full of bats and mits and tell Rin that Kengo and Masato will show up to join them.

Masato show up first but then Rin hides behind Riki. It might be because she is broken down and scared of people that she wasn’t her Tsundere self but i was expecting her to kick Masato. Then Kengo show up. Some how Kengo is very upset by Riki wanting to start playing baseball.  He even tell him “It’s Just like Him!” meaning Kyousuke and tell riki that he isn’t going to play. Riki is even more curious and start asking masato what the fuck is going on. Masato tell him ” He’s come far enough ” and hand him back the baseball glove and then leaves.

OH GREAT. Just when i thought everything was going to be solved EVEN MORE FUCKING QUESTIONS.

It wasn’t as sad as the last couple of episode have been but it was very dark FOR IT TO BE A SHOW ABOUT BASEBALL! and what happen to Kyousuke? What made him a recluse like that?  What does he know? Mater of fact what does He, Kengo,and Masato know that Riki and Rin don’t?


Have you ever re-watched a anime series?

Listing to podtaku my favorite anime podcast a question was asked in the group  have any of the cast members re-watch a anime series  and  did it change their opinion they once held of it when they first watched it?

have any of you watched any anime series that you may consider your favorite over and over again or once a year and if so  has it change your opinion of it from once you first watched it?

I can honestly say i myself have watched a couple of anime series  a couple of times. Cowboy bebop 21 times now from when it first premiered on adult swim in 02  till now  when it re-aired on toonami  4 in the morning  and i’ve seen the cowboy bebop movie 7 times now.  Ever time i’ve seen cowboy bebop it’s always been Dub. Never Sub. I might just watch one episode sub to see if should rewatch the whole series in sub  but every time i watch it it seem like it has  a deeper and deeper meaning with me. when i first watch cowboy bebop i really didn’t get but I loved it and it install became one of my favorite anime along with inuyasha but  once i re watched it a second, third  the twentieth  time it became  more meaningful. especially episode 25+26. I loved that show even more.


Now as for inuyasha i’ve seen that anime a good 7 times. I don’t plan on rewatching the movies and 3+4 NEVER HAPPEND! I only recently stared to re-watch it again due to two thing a good abridge series on youtube wingmancrew abride renewing my love for it by abridging epsode 1-14 of the series making me want to check it out again and 2 toonami putting it on 5 in the morning.. This is kinda a tricky one but i will say this inuyasha will still be my favorite anime. The first 7 time when i watch this anime from when i was 12-17/18 i didn’t see it’s flaws. but it wasn’t  untill the abridge episodes and me rewatching it that i can finally see that   it has major flaws.I laugh now and i scream inside my head when i watch some of the episode but some of the episode bring up spark up nostalgia within me and remind me of days of when i first watched it.  Has it change my opinion of when i first watched it  i would like to say no but i do laugh at it alot more than i should.


I have plently of anime that i could list that i have rewatch some have change my opinion of that particular anime but others i still like and will continue to like. I want to know if you rewatch a anime has it changed  your view you once held of it or do you still held the view you once held when you first saw that particuar anime?

Little Buster Refrain episode 6

Well i wasn’t going to review this show untill it was completed but HOLY FUCK.  Refrain kinda blew its original predecessor out the fucking water when it comes to the drama and the fuckery. Watch Little busters! if you want light hearted drama MOTHER FUCKING REFRAIN …this is typical “WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME THIS SAD ASS SHIT NOW IM GOING TO MEDITATE ON IT FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS WHILE ROCKING BACK AND FORTH IN A CORNER THINKING ABOUT WHAT IS LIFE WHILE TRYING NOT TO SLIT MY WRIST” Key animation plot.

-good character

-Plot that will make you question if you should hang yourself or cry in the corner

-good anime animation

To get back into what i was talking about.

Kyousuke you are a insane fucking dick!. Im pretty sure im not the only one who think that way.

To sum up real quick what i have been watching, the epic fuckery from episode 1-5 i will keep it short and sweet.


*Kurugaya get bullied but ends up pwding them  and runs away and hidding in the music room with Riki before Riki black out

*Kurugaya traps Riki in a “Endless 8” type of scenerio because he trap in  June 20th for a couple of days at first he thought it was because he forgot about Kyousuke but it was Kurugaya made a wish to relieve that specific date forever and then dissapares but before she goes she tell RIKI TO PROTECT RIN!

*Haruka, Kud and Nishizono all dissapears. No reason was given. They are fucking GONE!

* Rin and Riki are now a couple.

*Rin is chosen  by the Student exchange program to go to the other school  at first Riki was against her going but through Kyousuke fucking persuasion he convince Riki to let rin go

*Rin Goes to the other school and Riki Suddenly had a fucking realization that kyousuke was sending the letters via Cat  and behind everything thus far and so he follows the cat that leads him Kyousuke and Confronts him.

Now in episode 6

Being left alone after Kyousuke ran off to god knows where riki is thinking about the person who he looked up to Kyousuke and how he never knew him at all.  The next day seeing how he really can’t trust masato he went to Kengo and tell him what he found out about Kyousuke hoping he will believe him which he does. Why i guess even he had less faith in him. Rin goes away to the other school and there she is slowly breaking down.

Riki confronts Kyousuke again about Rin and Kyousuke tell Riki that she comes back on weekends so hold out till then. Basically “quit your bitching she comes back on weekends”. when she comes back she is a mental wrech to the point she doesn’t even speak much.  This upset riki to the point he ask Kengo what to do. His advice “fight him”. So he and Kengo(because Riki is a pussy) Challenge kyousuke and Masato to a game a baseball…in the fucking rain.

They Riki and Kengo lose. Rin has to return back to the other school despite her clear and obvious signs of depression  This pushes Riki to the point of desperation and He wakes Rin and ask her to run away to run with him and they run away from the school. They take shelter in some abandon house but are later found out by the cops and Rin is token away from Riki once again.


Kengo tries to punch Kyousuke after he uses a cheep trick.


You lose Riki

This episode was filled with sadness all around but it did answered question that i had left over from episode 5. I thought Kyousuke was a ghost but apparently not.  It seem that KEY does plan to make this bigger than the original little buster. I just have a few more question that i need answers too.

-what the fuck happen to the girls who dissapered?

-What going to happen to Rin

-is kyousuke a god or something?

Idk what do you guys think about this episode?

Walkure Romanze 1+2 review

Im not a big fan of the New ecchi genre.  Wow what a way to open up this review. The New Ecchi genre is out there, in your face and some are borderline porn. Some anime that fall into this are kiss Xsis, High school of the dead. High school DXD  and all of To Love Ru  series. Im more of a fan of the old school ecchi genre. the occasional panty flash, you get the perv guy groping and the girl slapping, the girl changing into her bra and panties shot and the occasional Hot spring episode that doesn’t turn into a freaking orgy.

Anyway back on topic. Walkure romanze.  I wasn’t going to give it a chance because i already knew that this fell into the “New” ecchi genre and that will be a few episode in before guy end up in a harem and  girls will be trying to fuck set guy and their will be blurred out breast and crouches every where and i really don’t have the time for it however, Me watching at least one episode of every series of the fall season before i decide what i will and will not watch (sometimes i already know just on cover art alone what im not going to watch) i decided to watch it because the main character Mio reminded me of Utena if Utena was set in a parallel universe and the majority of the main cast consist of noting but girl and one guy and the plot instead of it being about dueling it was about jousting instead.

Seriously who ever made the main character had to had been inspired by Utena in some shape or form because not  only does the cover art of mio looks like Utena from Adolescence of Utena but in the anime Mio looks like Utena from the fucking show and she basically has the same outfit but instead of wearing a pare of shorts she wears a skirt

While watching Walkure romanze i knew there were going to be ecchi moments and there were a few but to my surprise the visual ecchi moment were very subtle and of that of the old ecchi style. However  the pure full on ecchi moment for this anime came in the form of ‘DOUBLE SEXUAL INNUENDOS” OMG  well let take a look at this:

boning you with my stick













































(actally happen in episode 2)

No he was just telling you he has a massive Cock!  Anyway will i keep watching this show that is the real question. For what it is worth it does has a decent plot about Jousting something i know nothing about and it seem interesting but will be  watching this show? I will but   a few episode here a few episode there. This isn’t a show that  i say to myself  “OMG IF I MISS THIS EPISODE IM GOING TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH HEARING ABOUT IT ON ____” or “OMG IF I MISS THIS WEEKS EPISODE I WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO ____” because it follows the standard ecchi format Guy meet girl-guy has somewhat of a interest in girl-guy get involved in a harem somehow-guy get girl.   I know im really not missing much if this show follows the same format.


utena copy cat utena

A interesting thought about the monogatari second season.

Are they going in reverse order?

If you think about it in bakemonogatari  they solved the girls problem in the order of

Senjogahara-Kanbaru-Mayori-Nadeko and then Hanekawa

but in monogatari

It was Hanekawa-Mayori-and as of now Nadeko

its out of order but it still some what kinda  accurate.

I don’t know. Maybe it just a theory of mines



First impression pt 2

 first impression of..


Nagi no Asukara 

what happens when you mix spongebob with any drama anime but with middle school students you get Nagi no Asukara. it visually stunning but  when i first saw it the first few moment i did not know what was going on. i seen a fish float by and i thought “are they living in a aquariumn?” then when the kids are sent off to school above the water i was like “oh they just live in the sea” this looks very good. Plot wise it looks like its going to be your standard drama anime  but im going to watch just for the visuals.

Magi the second season

Ugh! why why why did this had to start now! I have no major complaints about the anime but the timing was just bad! Kill la kill is out and everybody and their mama is going to be on that anime along with beyond the horizon and all these other good anime. I will have to sit down and marathon the second season when its finished because i just can’t do it right now. plus i feel like since Kill la Kill is out its going to overshadow this show. Magi was good when it premired had they put it out during the summer yeah it would be up against snk and free but it still would have done good but now that all these show good show are coming out. going to be hard.



Walkure Romaze 

If someone was to mix Revolutionary girl Utena with any Harem anime  this will be the result. Walkure romaze would have to be the only straight forward harem/ecchi anime i watched in a while. You can’t tell me that these characters aren’t basted off of the characters of Utena but i digress. the plot centers around jousting for now because when it comes to Harem/ecchi anime it usually end up with romance or sex depending on the anime. If the plot doesn’t do a 180 and go full on ecchi(i.e tits and panty shot every 5 min) i will keep up with it.



I really tried to enjoy it because it a bunch of boys wearing glasses and  there in a club for people who wear glasses like them BUT. The plot is so boring. i know it was trying to be a comedy but the jokes fell flat and i only like a few of the characters. Im not going to watch this.

First impression of…



I get why not  a lot of people would like this show. I also get why it was postpone for 3 years after the tsunami in Japan.

Coppellion takes place in 2016 after a nuclear meltdown basically wiped out most of civilization and three school girls travel all of japan looking for any survivors.  The show isn’t bad but if you go into it with the mind set of “this was a anime made three years ago and was post pone” then it is ok.  there isn’t anything from the first episode that i can say stood out beside the graidance that they used and im speculating that if Coppellion wasn’t put on hold that it would be the first anime to use alot of graidance beside K the anime. So far slow pace but i will be watching to see if it get interesting



Kill La Kill

Did Guren Lagoon had a baby with Panty stocking with garterbelt?  Kill La Kill look like it aiming to be the show of the fall season. Made by Studio Trigger a branch of Gainax  you can clearly see that people from Gainax is written all over it.  The plot is for the most part straightforward,  The action is like that of Panty stocking  even some of the comedy moment too. I will be watching to see more of it, it seem promising.



Little Buster Refrain

It should be titled Little buster: Trust no bitch! Im Not going to spoil anything because i want to see how key  is going to animated the parts but Damnit key!  Do you guys get off making people Sad?! Im still recoving from the void attack on titan left me and now you start up and im going to have to prepare for the shit storm that is ahead of me. Why?  BECAUSE ITS STUDIO KEY! AND THEY HAVE A NACK FOR MAKING ME SAD FOR WEEKS ON END TO A POINT I WANT TO HANG MYSELF!! but the first episode was good as fuck! I will try my best to avoid any spoilers from the game from this point on because i don’t want to read it and know what happens in the series like i did with the original little buster i want to be surprise its going to be hard but i will try.