Why i am loosing faith in the Monogatari series

I have said in past post that i have a bias when it comes to studio SHAFT and the whole Monogatari series i feel that the series as of late is becoming a hot ass mess. What happen?! This use to be the series that got 4chan and all the underground anime comminity talking because it use to be so good, great, amazing. Now, I just can’t really take its predictable plot, how it just RUINS all of the main characters by deconstruction what we came to love about them in Bakemonogatari and forces us to like all these new terrible personalizes that makes them totally unlikable. While i brought it up lets us talk about the plot in Monogatari. It was good in the Shinobu arc but after that it gotten terrible. I mean really during the Nadoka arc i could have predicted that she was going to become full yandere and become a FUCKING GOD which piss me the fuck off(See what happens when you ruin a character).  The only thing that keeps me watching is the visual. SHAFT have good visuals when it comes to each episode of Monogatari However, plot wise this season they are lacking. I feel that since Bakemonogatari did so well over here and in japan and Nisemonogatari did a good job putting Studio SHAFT on the map that now that the producers don’t have to put in half the efforts when it comes to writing Thus a shitty predictable plot! I will keep watching because its almost over but  that just how i feel about the series as of late.


Have you ever re-watched a anime series?

Listing to podtaku my favorite anime podcast a question was asked in the group  have any of the cast members re-watch a anime series  and  did it change their opinion they once held of it when they first watched it?

have any of you watched any anime series that you may consider your favorite over and over again or once a year and if so  has it change your opinion of it from once you first watched it?

I can honestly say i myself have watched a couple of anime series  a couple of times. Cowboy bebop 21 times now from when it first premiered on adult swim in 02  till now  when it re-aired on toonami  4 in the morning  and i’ve seen the cowboy bebop movie 7 times now.  Ever time i’ve seen cowboy bebop it’s always been Dub. Never Sub. I might just watch one episode sub to see if should rewatch the whole series in sub  but every time i watch it it seem like it has  a deeper and deeper meaning with me. when i first watch cowboy bebop i really didn’t get but I loved it and it install became one of my favorite anime along with inuyasha but  once i re watched it a second, third  the twentieth  time it became  more meaningful. especially episode 25+26. I loved that show even more.


Now as for inuyasha i’ve seen that anime a good 7 times. I don’t plan on rewatching the movies and 3+4 NEVER HAPPEND! I only recently stared to re-watch it again due to two thing a good abridge series on youtube wingmancrew abride renewing my love for it by abridging epsode 1-14 of the series making me want to check it out again and 2 toonami putting it on 5 in the morning.. This is kinda a tricky one but i will say this inuyasha will still be my favorite anime. The first 7 time when i watch this anime from when i was 12-17/18 i didn’t see it’s flaws. but it wasn’t  untill the abridge episodes and me rewatching it that i can finally see that   it has major flaws.I laugh now and i scream inside my head when i watch some of the episode but some of the episode bring up spark up nostalgia within me and remind me of days of when i first watched it.  Has it change my opinion of when i first watched it  i would like to say no but i do laugh at it alot more than i should.


I have plently of anime that i could list that i have rewatch some have change my opinion of that particular anime but others i still like and will continue to like. I want to know if you rewatch a anime has it changed  your view you once held of it or do you still held the view you once held when you first saw that particuar anime?

A interesting thought about the monogatari second season.

Are they going in reverse order?

If you think about it in bakemonogatari  they solved the girls problem in the order of

Senjogahara-Kanbaru-Mayori-Nadeko and then Hanekawa

but in monogatari

It was Hanekawa-Mayori-and as of now Nadeko

its out of order but it still some what kinda  accurate.

I don’t know. Maybe it just a theory of mines



Is Man-Service the new wave in anime?

With the new release of FREE! from Kyoani and its display of High school boy in all their muscle bound body glory, this raises a good and important question will man-service be the new wave in anime? We are all familiar with fan service with all the breast and panty shots that are in anime hell there are some anime that are devoted to that (im looking at you Ikki tousen, Queens Blade and 90% of the animes that rely on it because they don’t have a decent plot) But in terms to Free! its a whole new spin on the fan service.

Free! was only suppose to be a demo KyoAni made to show how good they can animated water(and i guess how they improve on animating) but i guess the fan girls wanted to see MORE!! so a KyoAni obliged. The original penitent title was suppose to be “Swimming” Anime, which still can be(and to me and 95% of the people who watch it is) the title of anime seeing how the anime is about so far 4 boys starting a swimming club and one of them getting a boner and stripping when someone mentions the word “pool”. Getting back on point, it was during the demon where a small amount of man service  turned into a huge demand where kyoani made it into a full series.

Alot might bash the show because they might deem it to be “Gay” or “For the girls” but its acually it does has something in there for the guys …somewhat. Some might say Kuroko no basket was full of man service but im sorry and i know im going to get alot of hate for this they didn’t do it well. Free! is taking the long forgotten Man-service genre and bringing to the light and forcing people to look at it! Accept it! and Appreciate it!!

My question is will other companies follow suit? will they produce their own version of free! or some Man Service anime that might do better than free?

Imagethe fangirl in all of us


Amnesia Anime Review


August 1st, Parelle worlds, five different worlds and a girl who doesn’t remember, are all main thing Amnesia has and what makes this anime a  interesting story.

When i first watch Amnesia i really didn’t have high expectation of this. Mainly because it was a reverse harem and i really hate harems as a whole  boy trying to get the attention of girl but 1000 plus girls get  in his way or in the case with reverse harem the girl want the guy but then 7+ guys get in the way  and she doesn’t know which one to choose which was the case with Amnesia but there was a twist she had to figure out who she was with all along.


Amnesia start out with a no name girl(her name is heroin but i like to call her no name bitch  to be honest) and she awakens  at a maid cafe on a sofa  not knowing who she is or where she is. A floating fairy boy name ORION(yes it is in all caps like that) appears in front of her telling her to lay down and refuse any medical attention and that he will tell her everything once she is off of work. Once  she is out and back at her house ORION  tell her that he is a fairy  who  tell her he “crashed” into her soul and now is  part of her thus causing her to forget all about herself, Who she is, What  she did prior, and who she is dating.

Throughout the series No name girl Meet a series of five guys Shin, Ikki, Kent, Toma and Uyko. Not in order but when it comes to their relationship with the main characters it is in that order for as she finds out what is her relationship was with the previous person she is then thrusted into a new world via death by Ukyo hands or a accident which is 50/50.  Each time she is trusted into a new world it is always August 1st. Why? Well simply because it was the say she gotten into a terrible accident. Whenever she is interacting with the different guys she finds out more about herself and who are the guys she are dating are to her. Shin and Toma are her Childhood friends but Shin is her boyfriend. In Ikki arc Ikki and her are a couple only because ikki love her because she was the only girl he couldn’t seduce so easly with his mystical eyes he gotten after wishing on a shooting star. in Kent arc(which was really short) nothing much happen so yeah. In Toma Arc  well Toma because super obsessive and protective so far to the point he kept her lock up inside his house inside a cage! In Ukyo arc we find out that Ukyo has a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde Personality. His nice side is his true side  but his evil side was  the side that has been trying to kill no name girl all along . Near the end His good side took over his own body eventually leading to his own death.


Story-It starts off slow but interesting in the first few minuets it bombards you with all these images of her repeated deaths through the series. Even within the first few minuets with of no name girl meeting ORION.


Art-Im not going to lie this look like  Uta-princess-sama and when i say that they all ALL  had weird eyes. The  art work on each characters was lacking a bit thought.


Overall- Overall i thought that this was a good mystery reverse harem. The ended felt rush with Ukyo dying and her surving and getting her memories back but  we never get to see who she choose at the end. It still was a good Reverse harlem



BTW This anime is based of the Otome game by the same name.

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