Did you have a Weeaboo phase?

We all heard of people who had that phase. That Cringe worthy phase where all they talk about is anime, fanfic, and every other word from their mouth is either “kawaii, Desu, Baka, Sugoi” or whatever other Japanese word they learn that week. Any adivid anime fan who looks back at old pictures or fanart or fanfic that was made during this phase  would either say “oh god why did i do this?! Kill me now!! Kill me now!!” and erasing any evidence of their weeaboo art/writing/pictures or  when a friend would bring up the fact that they we a weeb they would try SO hard to deny it.

I wasn’t a hardcore weeaboo when i first got into anime i had weeaboo ways but i wasn’t a person who said ” its so kawaii” or “desu” at the end of every sentence like im fucking suiseiseki from rozen maiden  or i didn’t deck out in anime gear at school. i still do however eat pocky whenever i get the funds to buy some and drink ramune and eat sushi and still think that japan is one of the greatest nation out there.

If you went through a weeaboo phase what was yours like? was it bad? or were you like me and didn’t really have a weeaboo phase but weeaboo ways about you?








Do you want anime to become Mainstream?

During this week i watch Gigguk Video about anime becoming mainstream


Near the end of the vid he asked a question “Do you want anime to become Mainstream?”

Here is my answer-NO

No for the simple fact that  i see the anime as a gated community a little slice of heaven on earth that only those who have the golden willy wonka ticket that  can gain access to it. Anime Has been my vice since i was 9 it help me when i was in middle school going to high school and all through out high school and during the three years of college i  did. Anime is the cure for my depression when i am sad. when i am feeling lonely  i put on anime, when my friends are unreliable i put on anime. ANIME REALLY SAVED MY LIFE.(that and a bunch of other things) But it was and is anime that is keeping me alive. If it was to go mainstream the sentimental value it holds to not only me but to other people  will be  tarnished and almost be made a mockery of.  corporation will try their best to add what  they think the western audience want to see and  granted we might get lucky and get a IGPX or a Afro Samuri but we are more than likely to end up with shitty water down stuff.

If it was to go Mainstream we could see a boom in the anime industry BUT it wlll be a quantity over quality situation.   The Quantity being anime being made for the masses who do not care about it or are just getting into it just because  its “New” “Cool” or the “It” thing at the moment where as true authentic anime fans who care about quality anime shows will be forced to the way side and some might even be turn off anime forever if it does go mainsteam.

If you look at it it’s a loosing situation.

What do you guys think Do you think anime should become mainstream?

This Spring Anime Season.

Hits and misses. Mostly Misses. I don’t know why i had high hopes for this season anime maybe because last season spring anime was a bust too but can someone tell me why every spring anime seem to suck!! I mean there are a few good anime that come out in the spring that but the majority of the anime that gets put out are overhyped and the plot is redunant and the only thing that saves it is either the graphics or the voice actors in the anime. Then you get all these young head talking about this anime and how good it is when they haven’t even’t seen a good anime or know what a good anime looks like. I don’t mean to sound like a cynical hipster here but this trend of putting out anime with redunant plot development has to stop. I had to drop two anime because they were soo simple that i could predict what would happen next. I understand that the anime market isn’t that great (hell 12 to 22 episode is the new 26 to 54 its rare we get animes that run to 26 these days) and i understand that it hard to make a good anime that everyone would enjoy but all im asking is for next spring let there be a whole season where i see a bunch of good animes that aren’t all shitty and i don’t have to search for 2-3 good ones out of the pill of shit anime that you put out there.

Extra news

Toonami comes on saturday and i will be watching Two new shows (if you haven’t seen) Deadman wonderland Dub and casherre Dub

so glad its back not happy about the Dub verson of Deadman wonderland though

Will be slow with updates getting ready for a con were i am sure to see bleachtard narutard and onepiece tard

Do’s and Don’ts- Anime Convention and Cosplay(spring edition)

It’s spring and it’s the official start of Con season many of us have been or are planning to go to a anime convention. Many of us have planed for months what we would be co splaying as, spent months getting the moves and poses down to a T on how your favorite character maneuvers in that specific anime and even been learning a bit of Japanese so you can pronounce or say a few phrase right all for that big day. I am here to  tell you the do’s and don’ts of what is appropriate, how you should dress, act, and plan for a anime convention



I’ve been to three con’s and i went to a local con where i had the privilege to meet and take a picture with Uncle Yo! and he made a joke where he said the he had been to a con where he went into a gaming room and it smelled like something just up and died in there. one day or three days  it doesn’t matter SHOWER SHOWER SHOWER SHOWER!!! If you are that much in a rush you something that is scented, don’t forget deodorant, and if you can take some scented spray with you so you won’t smell like a walking garbage bag.  The second  con i been to i went into the game room and it smelled like shit. SO PLEASE IT IS MANDTORY THAT YOU SHOWER OR PUT ON SOMETHING THAT SMELLS GOOD!!!





DO plan a budget.

If you are going to a three day con or a five day con(i heard of those) then you need a budget. Hotel room, Anime Con Swag, if you are going to a con and you have to pay for a cetian panel then that, not to mention Food. If you buy Food at a Anime con you would just be over paying.

DON’T plan a budget last minute.

If you plan a budget last minute the you would end up scrambling for a hotel and ending up paying more and have to sacrifice one thing out of you budget such as you preicious swag or your vital food in order to the con you been planing for and if you do make a budget last minute it would just end up being a mess.


DO try to get your tickets in advance.

Many Anime cons offer the best deals by offering con goger a chance to get their tickets in advance and by doing so con goers can get them for cheper than waiting for the day of the convention and no lines


If you are getting your tickets the day of the con then DON”T be a dick and complain loudly! We all  been behind or infront of the people who huff and puff and complain they might say “oh what taking this line so fucking long!” .” I’ve been in this line for X hours”. ” Hurry the fuck up” or you might even have a person who knows somebody in the front and they might try to diss everybody in the front. I remember going to my third con and waiting in line for a panel and there were these teens behind me and a older lady and her daughter they tryed to let their friends cut in line  but the older lady told them off . Needless to say don’t become a person who is going to get yelled at by other people or might get beathen up by other people


Cosplay Ediquite

DO remember to respect people personal space. If you are with your friends and you and your friend are  pattling each other with the infamous “Yaoi” pattel DON’T feel like you have the right to  pattel every one you meet unless they say its ok. Just don’t unless you want a knuckle sandwich to your face.

Also DON”T Glomp, or grab a person you meet it not only bad for you but it show your lack of home training.

Do remember to dress for your weight. what do i mean when i say that. if you are a heavy set person who is trying to pull off a thin character don’t try to fit  into a outfit that is clearly design for a thin person. instead try to make it yourself or if you are ordering your cos-play online try getting it in a larger size. I know it may seem like i’m being mean but i am not  you can still cosplay as your favorite charter just don’t wear the cosplay that is too small that it looks like a muffin was trying to fit through a small hole. You don’t know how many times i seen heavy set people in small cosplay.

DON’T  make fun of other cosplayers. There are cosplayers who are just cosplaying for the first time for others they might be veterans at it but if you make fun at someone who is new to the cosplaying game just think about it like this you are making fun of your pass self and you are making your pass self hurt. Just don’t make fun of anyone who is cosplaying because they are trying their hardest.

Do make sure you have your wig on straight or your hair is done. I’ve been around and i’ve seen some sloppy wigs and some messy hair mostly sloppy wigs please if you are going to cosplay make sure your wigs are straight and that your hair is neat.

DON”T if you are cosplaying as any charcters with big swords don’t swing them around.

This should already be common sense but DO wear Comfortable shoes. You are going to be on your feet most of the day.

a few more do’s and don’t

DO bring a cosplay repair kit. Most cons will have a station but just incase you aren’t in the area.

DO bring snack.Just to munch on while you are waiting for a panel to start or a event to start

DON’T spend all your money on memorabilia. If you plan on attending a 3 day con just for one day as tempting as everything might seem you still need money to get home.

DON”T dress like a hooker. It the spring i know it might get warmer but not a valid reason to dress like a hooker and don’t use the excue “well this is how my character dress” choose a diffrent charcter then.(now im being mean) if you come dress in a bikini and fishnet and saying “this is how my character dress”  or Just to go to the rave(anime rave) then you need some more clothes on .

well this is basically it if you follow these simple step you will have a enjoyable time at any anime con.

Do’s and Don’ts- Goth Edition

It’s the firsts day of spring! and with the warming of the weather the flowers blooming the sun being out,  there are thing Goths should do and don’t do.


DO wear  lighter clothing.

I’m not talking about dressing like a stripper.I’m saying dressing in material that is light weight










Stuff like Lace, cotton and other light weight material should help you survive the spring/summer months

but DON”T feel obligated to pile them all on at once! if you do that you might as well leave out your winter clothing because you are going to get hot.


DO try to wear more jeans.

Now i know i will have alot of goth and non goths alike saying “but goths don’t wear jeans.” Think about it like this, during these spring/summer months we will be getting alot of rain and for those goth who dress up daily or even those goths who have their lazy days a pair a jeans would be perfect and you can look at it as a DIY project because if its to plain for you, you can edit it to your liking. Key word is “try”  dresses and skirt are still acceptable for spring/summer but if you don’t want to ruin your favorite dress,skirt or even elaborate pants then jeans are the way to go.

DON”T try to wear fishnet

If you tan easily I would advise you not to wear fishnet in this kind of weather


DO carry a umbrella

Its spring after all and spring does bring rain

*if you aren’t the umbrella type invest in a raincoat

DON”T try to wear a spike collar this time of season. As tempting as it may be i would advise against it because of the simple fact that the sun is beaming and the sweat will be dripping and then there will be a mark around  your neck and for those that tan easily a ugly neck tan line. Remember those spike collars are made out of leather and leather isn’t very durable for spring/summer months try a regular cool necklace or a lace collar.


DO Go for a soft goth look

Soft Goth

and Do try to wear only eyeliner if you don’t already do.

DON’T try to wear any dark makeup or heavy foundation.

a few more tips

*Try to transition white into your wardrobe if you haven’t already. White doesn’t attract heat as much as black does and it also complement black so its a win win.

*Hoodies and Cardigans are perfect for when you are out and you get  a bit cold  or when it a bit colder than expected.

* Make sure if you are going to wear make-up that its water proof so that if you are out all day you won’t sweat it off.

* If you are going to wear a skirt/dress  make sure its the right length and isn’t showing of your bits.  You might want to wear leggings under if you are still unsure but make sure that they are lightweight and breathable

*for those that tan easily sunscreen is your best friend but if you don’t like to smother all that all over your body carry a parasol or wear a sun hat.


Hopefully you will follow these tip and you will be able to survive the spring/summer months without a problem 🙂