Why i gave up chuunibyou season 2 and pupa and pupipo! (Theory) reviews



Chuunibyou the first season was every weeaboo or recoving weeaboo answer to anime. The characters were relatable and near the end the story was moving. This was the season i found very unessicary. Another character was added they added the “love triangle” element to it and now the story is shit to me at least.  I stop watching around episode 8 because i knew it was going be be a love thiangel and im not a fan of romance anime that much.



Pupa episode 7-10


ok so seeing how the last episode was just a full episode episode 6, 7 the doctors the lady in black was bathing in a cave (like a boss seriously who baths in a cave!) 8 the siblings get kidnapped by some weird druggy looking guy and the censorsship was everywhere because he had a knife and i guess they woun’t let us see the knife but THEY WILL LET US SEE A BOY GETTING EATING!!  episode 9 after they are taken some one the girl is in another room while her brother (who if you think about it has a amazing power minus having to hear his screaming voice) getting disected by doctors seeing how she couldn’t take it her demon pupa powers activates and she breaks the chains episode 10 she kills and eats about 1/2 of the guards trying to find her brother

it only takes about 4 min to leave you on the edge of your seats but this show should be atleast 15 min long. Yes i was scared near the end of 7 and 9 but i feel that it could have went longer!! the croud wants more!!





Another 4 min long show is pupipo. Its about a girl who can see ghost one day on her way to school she finds this pink blob looking thing name po! she makes a friend who is into Occult things and decides to hang out with her depites what everyone thinks about her.

The first few episode are about the girl and her friend having little adventures with their pink friend po. However and this is just a thoeory of mines i strongly belive that this po thing is ghost seeing girl dead child from the future. 


Here me out. Now in one of the earler episode Ghost girl while holding po has a flash of seeing a baby hand then she looks at po. In the later episode the girl and her friend met a boy who can also see ghost.  During episode 9 he said while holding po he had a vision of him and the girl in the future but she was crying 


(see that kids find a pink thing hold it long enough you might see your terrible future too!)

But that is just my theroy. I will keep watching it especially now seeing how it getting even more interesting.


Pupa Episdoe 6

There is a whole episode …Deicaded  to just a girl litearly eating her brother.


This was all of episode 6 with the added “onii-chan” and i think what  was suppose to be moans but it was a hot ass of blood, censored guts and a dead guy at the end and a girl wiping blood off her face.




Pupa is very short and four minunts does not give it justice but for this episode let just say it does.

If you like incest and gore check out pupa also a therapist because you might have a problem.

Kill La Kill, Pupa, Sakura Trick

Kill La Kill





SO … yeah go watch the last 10 min of Kill La Kill ep 17

Pupa. This show will scare you in  four min.  I hate the fact that it is four min long but just imagine if it was a full twenty two min episode long. Even though i laugh during episode two i was scared. If you are a fan of gore this will be your anime. This anime took long to come out because they had to find voice actors/actresses.


(note you will have to get pass the shitty art)

Sakura Trick. Its a yuri that knows its a yuri but doesn’t take itself seriously


I love that opening “won’t chu kiss me” classic.That aside it knows its a yuri and it isn’t super serious like Aoi hana or have yuri undertones like any Shoujo-ai shows like Yuri Yuru. It knows its a yuri. Its a comedy mostly. So yeah.

Part one of what i am watching this winter season.

Is remaking old anime series the new anime trend in anime?

I was having a talk with my sister and she expressed her concerns with the remake of the new Sailor moon series. She was worried that it wasn’t going to be as good as the orginal or that the art style might kill it seeing how it might be a moe style. This got me to thinking. What if most anime studios started remaking old anime series? I know Hunter X Hunter was remade to complete its non finshed chapters and it seem to be doing well. Im not worried about Sailor moon when it comes out( im worried about the new fans that will come with its reboot)  but what if anime studios started to remake old anime series? I personally  would not have a problem with it. Me personally i would like to see the following series get remade.

1 Utena




3 Possible Fruits Basket


4.Vampire princess Miyu and the ova


5. Evagelion


6 Maybe inuyasha




8.Devil Hunter Youko


9.Tenchi Muyo!


10. Maybe Serial Experimental Lain


If this becomes a new anime trend it could be a good or bad thing. I see it as a good thing. For one, We get better animation that we didn’t get at the time, better graphics, clearer, clean, graphic. Second if we get studios who do remake a series who want to follow the manga instead of giving it the typical anime only ending we might get better ending for that anime. It work for Hellsing Ultimate. Either way if it does start im all for it.

A interesting thought about the monogatari second season.

Are they going in reverse order?

If you think about it in bakemonogatari  they solved the girls problem in the order of

Senjogahara-Kanbaru-Mayori-Nadeko and then Hanekawa

but in monogatari

It was Hanekawa-Mayori-and as of now Nadeko

its out of order but it still some what kinda  accurate.

I don’t know. Maybe it just a theory of mines



First impression pt 2

 first impression of..


Nagi no Asukara 

what happens when you mix spongebob with any drama anime but with middle school students you get Nagi no Asukara. it visually stunning but  when i first saw it the first few moment i did not know what was going on. i seen a fish float by and i thought “are they living in a aquariumn?” then when the kids are sent off to school above the water i was like “oh they just live in the sea” this looks very good. Plot wise it looks like its going to be your standard drama anime  but im going to watch just for the visuals.

Magi the second season

Ugh! why why why did this had to start now! I have no major complaints about the anime but the timing was just bad! Kill la kill is out and everybody and their mama is going to be on that anime along with beyond the horizon and all these other good anime. I will have to sit down and marathon the second season when its finished because i just can’t do it right now. plus i feel like since Kill la Kill is out its going to overshadow this show. Magi was good when it premired had they put it out during the summer yeah it would be up against snk and free but it still would have done good but now that all these show good show are coming out. going to be hard.



Walkure Romaze 

If someone was to mix Revolutionary girl Utena with any Harem anime  this will be the result. Walkure romaze would have to be the only straight forward harem/ecchi anime i watched in a while. You can’t tell me that these characters aren’t basted off of the characters of Utena but i digress. the plot centers around jousting for now because when it comes to Harem/ecchi anime it usually end up with romance or sex depending on the anime. If the plot doesn’t do a 180 and go full on ecchi(i.e tits and panty shot every 5 min) i will keep up with it.



I really tried to enjoy it because it a bunch of boys wearing glasses and  there in a club for people who wear glasses like them BUT. The plot is so boring. i know it was trying to be a comedy but the jokes fell flat and i only like a few of the characters. Im not going to watch this.