Gatchaman Crown First Impression

Three episode in and i still do not know what the fuck is going on. Seriously what the fuck is going on in this show?!

The main cast consist of:

A girl who is fucking retarded and might have a slight obsession with books and paper.

A anal retentive twat who i can predict by mid series will fall in love with set retard.

A typical Sterotype gay male with purple hair and yellow lipstick.

A mute who when not lounging around in a two piece bikini is watering plants and saying “im dreamy”  in response to what somebody had said to her

A smoking badass who might become relevant later in the series or might die later in the series(he seem less important to me that the other two)

and i want to say a girl i honestly think this is a girl but i could be wrong it might be a cross dressing boy who apprently runs the biggest site “X”


I really don’t know what is happening because the first two episode had me  interested and had me thinking that it was going to be about kids who turn into mecha robots who fights  these monster call “MESS” it wasn’t till episode 3 where they just through this shit down the toilet and five minuets in after retard befriends one of the “Mess” at the end of episode two   the group have a discussion and basally decided that fighting them was a complete fucking waste of time!

My whole problem with the series so far is that is trying to be like Tiger &Bunny in some ways not only that is just.. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!








(btw is this a girl or a boy im not sure)

(btw again is it Catchaman or Gatchaman this show is so confusing)


First impression of summer anime 2013

I would be giving my first impression of a few summer anime that i watch in a few to one word.

Free!!(swimming anime)-Hot boys, Pool, Kyoani making everything cute? Oh Kyoani you tease you.


Dangan Ronpa- Hey you like solving mysterious? No, well too bad you can’t leave till you find out who the killer is. Oh by the way if you don’t guess correctly  you might die too.

Rozen maiden 2013- Thank god they are finally going to explain the white doll.

Monogatari second season- Lesbians? Ecchi?

Blood lad- Weeaboo vampire

That is it.  As i watch the series i will give a more indent review of the series but for now these are my first impression of the series.

first impression of magi

I was really suppose to do this two months ago back in December .(im super late!! but not my fault) I’ve want to give my first impression on the anime instead of reviewing the anime even though there are 16 episodes in.

When this first premiered on the fall line up i checked out the first episode and at first i was hook but due to my fall line up being filled with other anime this anime took a back seat at first but i still ocassional watch to keep up. 

The three main characters are a yellow hair punk name Alibaba, a blue hair boy name aladin who carries around a blue genie called ugo and a kick ass pink hair bitch name morgiana who was a former slave. As the episodes progress we see time skips, Wars, and the trials and tribulation that these characters go through. Now im only gotten up to the current episodes and i don’t want to give to much away until do my review on the series as whole but there are thing that are so epic(i know i shouldn’t use this word so loosely but still.) it makes this anime up there to be almost a classic. 



Then there the whole Manga VS Anime thing which i would do a whole seperate article about in the near future but for those who has read the Magi manga you too would notice slight if not major variation between the two.

I mean Magi is very different from all the anime that have been  put out there in the past couple of years. For one it is set in what looks like ancient India or Arab  Secondly it is loosly based of a book 1001 Arabian nights.

Check it out.

First impression of winter anime season.

Ok. so i manage to check out a few of what this season has to offer me. is it good? is it bad? well lets find out

Tamako Market the anime about a highschool girl who finds a talking bird(no not a parrot) and keep it all while working at a mochi shop.

My impression-ugh nope. just no. I gave this show two chances on the SAME FUCKING EPISODE!! I rage quit after 30 seconds into it the first time and after 15 minutes into the second time i was like “nope not doing this again”. I just like K-on just without the music and with the talking bird defiantly NOT watching.

Amnesia a show about a nameless girl who looses her memories and who has a little demon who she can only see who is trapped in her soul who is trying to help her regain her memory by interacting with people mostly seven different guys.

My impression. Well at first i was going to drop it because i really don’t like the harem genre in general but as i kept watching, it is very interesting. I though this show was going to be one of those reverse “one girl, seven guys who will she choose”  harem anime but it isn’t that typical. It challenge the watcher in helping her remember who she is and who was this and this person to her. Did she had a boyfriend?, Who are her friends?  And for fuck sakes what the fuck is her fucking name?! So im going to keep watching. It’s interesting for a reverse harem.

Sasami-san at ganbaranai or sasami-san@unmotivated is a anime about a hikkimori who has a loving brother who she treats like a slave and when he is off to work she spies on him using a survience system and um random shit happen…??!

my impression  well seeing how it is produce by SHAFT(something to fill the time in before the next monogatari series) it was visually interesting to watch but story wise even though it is mostly about sasami and her brother i really do not know what the fuck this show is about. I mean we see the brother interacting with three sister each on his way to and during his work and near the end they play a part of fight off some kind of chocolate demon?! it so confusing i really don’t know but its another on my watch list.


Gj-bu is a slice of life anime about five kids in a club but it not like k-on and its based of a light novel its mostly a comedy.

My impression. Well it one of those take it or leave it animes, slice of life anime have that quality about them you either take them as they are or leave them alone i decided to give this one a chance. From the first episode that i’ve seen it’s a ok show it has funny moments but it not a serious slice of life anime if you are looking for that .


Well this is my first impression of what i’ve seen so far.  The only show i really didn’t like is tamako market  but everything else is relevantly decent  or pretty good to watch.