Free Anime Review

Now i did a few Free! episode review here and there but now that the whole series is over let me take the time to review the series as a whole.

Kyoto ani know what works and what doesn’t and well when it came to free manservice was the talk of the town but in free case it was the talk of the pool. It was a double edge sword however, when it came to FREE! while the anime was good visually and the scene and the character were well animated you just can’t ignore the shonen ai borderline yaoi tones that it has.


Now im not saying that this was a bad show nor am i saying that all shows that feature all boys or have a mostly boy cast are like this but with FREE case “im going to show you a sight you never seen before” ” you are going to swim for me” and other quotes like that can be easily misconstrued as something else.

Let talk about the characters

Haru is a non nonchalant easy going swimmer who Lives for the pool and will LITERALLY DIE IF HE ISN’T IN A POOL OR SOME TYPE OF WATER every day(if not he fucking act like it) His best friends are Makoto and Nagisa and Rei. As the anime develops we learn the reason behind the rivalry between Him and Rin. When Rin came back from Australia rin challenge haru to a swimming contest to see who was the fastest. Rin lost and quit swimming and this made haru quit for a while until he join the swim club with Makoto and Nagisa.

Makoto is Haru and Nagisa best friend from middle school. He is the oldest of three children. During episode 7-8 we learn that he has a fear of swimming in larger bodies of water (the fucking ocean).  We learn his reasoning why when he was little he was friends a fisherman who turn out to be rin father and one day he heard that the fisherman was killed during a storm out at sea. He and haru seen people caring the fisherman coffin.

Nagisa- really much nothing to say but he does act like sort of the comic relief during “high tension” moments of the show and i guess he was ment to be the cute character  of the group.

Rei- we are first introduce to rei in episode three but he says he joined the track team but due to lack of memeber on the swim team and forced with almost having to shut down before they get started nagisa tries to convince rei to join and rei only end up joining after watching Haru swim. During the Relay arc of the series he start to feel exculed because everybody in the group keep mention Rin. Rei being the person that he is decide to meet Rin and have a word with him (which almost ended up looking like a “fucking kiss him already” scene)  during the night of the second relay  Rin call out Rei and they talk some more and thing happen really it was stupid.

Rin- the bad guy, the main antagonist for the whole series well  as the series progress we learn his reason for acting like a dick. His father went to the same middle school  him, Haru, nagisa and makoto went to and was the best swimmer around. His father was training to be a Olympic swimmer but was in a accident in high school which force him to put that dream on hold and become a fisherman(the one that makoto was friends with) during a terrible storm his father went out to if i remember correctly fish but was caught in the eye of the storm and died. Rin went to Australia to a swim school so he can fufill his dad dream of becoming a Olympic swimmer but soon came back to japan after realizing he wasn’t good for that school. he  challenge haru to a swim race but when he loose he quits swimming  but during episode 12 he realize his whole reason for swimming was not only to be with(his gay lover)Haru but to swilm with his old team.

Plot-If you ignore the yaoi overtones this show clearly give off this show main plot is about a swim team and swimming and Rin and Haru trying to re connect their friendship and the power of friendship overall.

Sound–I would just like to take a moment and talk about the dubstep tract they would use whenever Rin would step on the screen or whenever Rin was on the screen. Along with that ending..Splash Free man, Splash Free. It was like  magi mix with this show in a sexy horrible way. song catchy and all but  yeah im just going to leave it at that

Overall 8

I mean if you can get past the shonen ai and yaoi over tones this show clearly flaunts  it is a very good show with a decent plot about friendship and swimming. Its more of a Slice of life anime to me than a sports anime like Kuruko no basket.  Some of the characters in this show have substances while other fall flat (fucking Gou/kou don’t give a fuck). Apparently from the way it ended its is now getting a season 2

FREE 2 electric water booglalo

free freedom see you next summer bitches

free rin



Diabolik Lovers review 1 and 2

kudos for making a hentai game a anime but  i really shouldn’t give it too much credit that yet seeing how it only been 2 episode in. I know the phraze i will be shouting at this show the most is “you dumb bitch”!

Diabolik lovers is our obligitory otome/vampire anime of the fall anime season and it is based off the hentai/otome game of the same name

Seven hot vampire guys who i really could care less about their names because names are useless in a show like this but they are color corndinate and their personallities speak volumes and one main basic bitch name yui

getting back to the guys. let get in to what i can remember

Silver hair guy-anger issues

Black hair maybe blue hair guy with glasses-smart but very anal retentive.

Purple hair shota looking guy- HE IS BAT SHIT INSANE LOOKING  and i can look forward to him having his batshit crazy moments.

Blondie-Lazy motherfucker

red hair- pervert with a complex

redhair with a fedora- Just a pervert and she might have to lock her doors or get holy water or some shit.

the first episode was Meh to me and was bacisally a introduction of these characters nothing worth talking about  Second episode BITCH IS GOING TO NIGHT SCHOOL!  and like i said dumb bitch would be my phrase i would be using throughout the show because while making food for red hair she get attack and get bitten. dumb bitch. I will be watching  to see how long i can tolerate it but so far its good. Im kinda hoping it has the higurashi effect and what i mean by that is she get killed in each episode by the seven vampires  till near the end.  It would really make the show interesting.

Blood Lad Review

What do you get when you have a otaku vampire gang lord, a human who dies and turns into a ghost, a treasure hunter who makes portals out of squares and a 10 year old warren  vampire and perverted vampire who loves experimenting who happend to be the sister and brother of the otaku vampire you get blood lad.

This show was a good show with in the first couple of episode. Now i wouldn’t go on to say it had a strong start but for a action/comedy anime it did had a decent first episode that kept me hooked. Fuyumi and Staz are our main protagonist of the series. Fuyumi is a human who wonders in to the demon world via a magical black curtain that apperies in her room. Staz is a vampire is a leader of a demon gang but is also a lover of all thing japanese aka weeaboo. Staz and Fuyumi meet he vows to protect her until during a fight while waiting in his room she is get ate by a demon plant that suck up to his room and after the fight Staz discover he ghost body on her bed but her bones on the floor so now he vows to bring her back to life.

Heres where i have a problem with the show. Around episode 8-10 it just start lacking the substance that kept me interested and was kinda adding more plot into it that i didn’t care for and ended on a hint of a second season but there have been plenty of anime that ended on hints of a second season but never got one.

Just in 8-9 alone we are introduce to wolf daddy, Knelle(bell brother,) some gargole guards(sorry i forgot their names) , Bell/fuyumi mom and bells dad and seeing how this is a short anime series (only 10 episode) they were adding  more to the plot in the last episode alone it felt like i was being forced to watch just to finshed it near the end.


It has a decent plot. but near the end i feel that they just added to much to it i was being force feed shit after shit.

charcters 4.5

Don’t get me wrong i love staz when he is acting weeabooish but these characters are either one dimensional or haven’t been use to their fullest potential especially fuyumi, Liz and Braz.


There was point that there was no background music which added more to the scene and there was moment where there was. The simplistic sound is good at least.


it had a decent start. There were part in the middle that were good but the last three episode ruined it for me as a whole and if they are going to make a second series im not sure if i am going to watch it.


Did you have a Weeaboo phase?

We all heard of people who had that phase. That Cringe worthy phase where all they talk about is anime, fanfic, and every other word from their mouth is either “kawaii, Desu, Baka, Sugoi” or whatever other Japanese word they learn that week. Any adivid anime fan who looks back at old pictures or fanart or fanfic that was made during this phase  would either say “oh god why did i do this?! Kill me now!! Kill me now!!” and erasing any evidence of their weeaboo art/writing/pictures or  when a friend would bring up the fact that they we a weeb they would try SO hard to deny it.

I wasn’t a hardcore weeaboo when i first got into anime i had weeaboo ways but i wasn’t a person who said ” its so kawaii” or “desu” at the end of every sentence like im fucking suiseiseki from rozen maiden  or i didn’t deck out in anime gear at school. i still do however eat pocky whenever i get the funds to buy some and drink ramune and eat sushi and still think that japan is one of the greatest nation out there.

If you went through a weeaboo phase what was yours like? was it bad? or were you like me and didn’t really have a weeaboo phase but weeaboo ways about you?